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What happens when my guitar dies and my bass must be a guitar

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Damn, that's heavy!

It kind of works though, I wouldn't have known those lead melodies were bass if you hadn't said so :-).

That missing solo in my Mana piece might have to be fretless bass solo now :pretzel:

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I would definitely be okay with that :-P.

Really sucks about your guitar though...what happened?

I don't even know, hey. You know how sometimes you get ghosts in your machines? Some weird hiss or crackle that has no precedent? It's like that. It just sits in the studio, too. It only gets riffed on, never gigged on, hasn't fallen over or anything. The output has just been dropping and dropping and now it just barks death into my DAW.

Not coping very well. Drinking heavily.

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