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  1. Gonna start DJ'ing, so with that in mind I've been trying my hand at making some electronic music. The only 'real' thing in here is my bass + vocals. So weird! Comments welcome.
  2. Hey whoa whoa, how can anything ever be TOO abrasive c'mon now, I got all the raspy feelings. Alright, some lyrics: \\ Hello again / I've crossed the distance to be / here today so that I can see / approximately what you might perceive / to be the me(me) I desperately wanna believe Desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe (I want your) Attention! Affection! -- Is it the end of my turn? / This must be the end of the world -- Hello again / now I see whatcha mean: / wholly reliant on emotional machines / failures of consciousness face-painting / scene after scene after scene of idealistic scenes Idealistic scenes / Idealistic scenes / Idealistic scenes / Idealistic, Idealistic / Scenes, scenes (I want more) Retention! Redemption! -- Is it the end of my turn? / This must be the end of my world -- Hollow followers / building / mirrored bubbles / to reside inside / and cast aside the outside 'Goya' is a word when unreal / is so real it is / synonymous with a story well told -- Please, notice me You're on fire, another sun Please, notice me You're on fire, while I burn~
  3. Apparently. I wrote this one about people's bullshit facades on Instagram: Having fun with drums rn! Wahaha!
  4. Smashed another one and the dynamics in it gave me an aneurysm when mixing. What a voyage.
  5. Legend, thanks for listening. Can you spotlight any 00:00 where said guitars might be annoying? I'm so deaf to it right now.
  6. Hey hey. So I feel like this track right now is the absolute zenith of what I've managed to come out with in terms of composition, recording, musician-y stuff... and I'm super into the tones of the guitars and bass, which can drive me super nuts. Anyway! Even if you're not into the heavier, weirder side of the spectrum, I hope ya'll find something to dig here.
  7. Haha yeah, I'm a super big and obsessive revisionist. Thank you for noticing my musical OCD. Awesome feedback. Thank you for listening (and you too, Starphoenix, good times).
  8. Hey peeps. Did a furious number on this cool source. Commentary welcome af
  9. Hello hello, So I'm working on a solo record and I'm not super-sure what to call its vibes anymore. It was pretty straight-up metal for a while, and now it's... this? I'm just running through some mix ideas now trying to get a feel for where I want things. It's fun! It's maddening! Music! XD
  10. Yep. That is cool. If was being a nit-picking fuckdick, I would say get rid of all the organic instruments and just go full synthcore on that shit
  11. Hey hey, So this year I've decided to broaden my musical horizons and play (live) bass with a trap/hip-hop crew. It's cool! I'm learning a lot. Mostly about 'pulling back,' which is super odd for me since I've been playing hyper-technical progressive stuff for years and years. Anyway, I'm so into this that I thought I'd write my own track (and completely rip the epic Battle Royale opening in the process): https://soundcloud.com/anonfemme/xk-foxes-death-rattle-royale
  12. This is the soundtrack to an '80s hentai even better/worse than Urotsukidoji.
  13. This song is the sheee-it. Love it. Had to get it out of my system. https://soundcloud.com/anonfemme/disorder-of-life-public-image-ltd-cover
  14. It's cool, but really unusual to hear stuff like this so lo-fi! Is that intentional? I'm big on drums and they're barely audible here... but I can def appreciate flipping things around. They're noticeably fake, though. What're you using?