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  1. Hey everyone. I'm not SUPER sure what to call this sound I've landed on lately, but it's got synth and organic drums and weird noises in it? This is also, IMO, some of the best singing I've ever done. Like I just don't cringe when I hear it, so that's good. It's about dating someone that has really crippling mental health issues, too, so: Synthrock with a ~message~ x
  2. My partner was named after Helen of Troy and I wrote a synthwave about her. Synthwave is still awesome don't care what anyone says.
  3. Pumping synthwave vibes! Really into it. If you can do Ken and/or Guile's theme in this style, hoo-boy.
  4. The whole soundtrack for this is just phenomenal. I think the Mega Drive (Genesis for markets outside Australia?) BGM is the absolute best. I kinda feel like a fraud when the source material so good.
  5. Heyooo Drew heavily from the Sega CD source and also Rich Douglas' re-record for this one: That vibe
  6. Back off on some EXCITEMENT? My good human, I don't like the sound of that at all!
  7. Sorry not sorry, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. (My moon is in Pisces this is also a self-own x)
  8. Thank you for checking it out! So rad. Also, love the Mass Effect pickup - am a huge fan of Jack Wall's work on the first and second games. He messaged me back once. I cried. That's it.
  9. Just spent mega time agonising over my latest excursion into ~synthcore~. Happy with but DOES IT NEED VOCALS? I've picked a bunch of melody lines in my head but this genre (whatever it is) doesn't often seem to actually have vocals in it? I guess 'cos it's so naturally busy/layered: And if I ever have to perform these drums live I will scream. My calves hurt, I think I broke my big toe and the 10/8 section is a nightmare. What was I thinking
  10. This is sick! Love me some cyberpunk vibes. Needs leveling but I'm sure you already know that. As a fiend for drum production, the only think I'd think about reimagining is your beats. Very robotic, especially the hi-hat. The beat that hits at 0:18 also does not quite support the music, and if you're gonna have an 'off' beat like that there's a really good compositional opportunity to hit a sick pick-up with a straight 4/4 at around 0:50. It'd totally charge. Same at 2:17. Just floor it. There's some forward momentum missing in some key spots that IMO would add mad oomph. 2:31 I'd be switching to a china cymbal and absolute groove to see this out.
  11. I GUESS SO? Bit of a hybrid of what I used to do and what I'm about now. DOES IT SOUND ANY GOOD? I don't even know anymore. x
  12. Heyas. So I've been putting this one together for a while now, and the whole quarantine sitch pushed me to finally finish it up. I'm so stoked on it! Yea self-isolation! Benign like a bomb. Compositionally, this is an interesting one for me. I don't often stretch technically a lot with this kind of stuff, but I don't know, this felt like it called for a little more oomph and chutzpah than usual. The outro, especially, ended up with a real Meshuggah flavour through it (and with some polyrhythms on top, just to be a complete ass). Incidentally I don't ever want to have to perform the drums for that section it drove me absolutely insane how do those guys do that every night w o w . Anyways, please do enjoy and commentary is totally welcome x
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