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BlahZae Remix / Sonic the Hedghog 2 - Sky Chase

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First, I just want to say I very much enjoyed what you have here. Nice chilled out and relaxing atmosphere. I did notice some areas where you could improve.

I noticed something strange about the kick. From 0:00 to 0:27, I hear a good punch/boom on the kick. Then from 0:27 to 0:50 the kick seems to lose that punch. The punch then comes back from 0:50 to 1:09. The kick loses that low end punch once more at 1:09 until the end of the song.

I think I may actually be mistaking the bass for a punchy kick, in the 0:00-0:27, and 0:50-1:09 sections. I'm not sure though. I hope I'm being clear enough.

Aside from that, I'm not liking the guitar synth lead. It sounds too dry, maybe add some effects such as reverb/delay, chorus, phasing, etc. Right now it sounds bland and doesn't stand out enough.

Also, the ending is currently abrupt, it just sort of ends. There is no winding down, or decrease in energy.

Keep up the good work!

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