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  1. This is a pretty solid groove. I especially love the pads you're using on this one. If I had one complaint, it'd be that the ending just kinda...happened. Maybe I was too caught up in the groove to want to let it go so soon, but it might help if you varied the beat a bit more leading up to that point. Maybe even let those background chords echo out to maintain the smooth feeling you've built up throughout the song.
  2. This is pretty rad! I like how subtly you evolved the song especially. A lot of the time concepts like this feel like a bunch of separate pieces, but this comes together pretty well. I did feel like the mid-range got a bit too crowded around 1:40. But then again, that was probably the most dramatic shift in the song, so maybe it was simply a bit difficult to get used to in comparison to what came before it.
  3. Hey all. Think I've finally got this Splatoon remix right where I want it (mostly). But it could use some extra feedback, especially on the mastering side of things. Better title suggestions also wanted... Song: Calamari Inkantation Original:
  4. I can really jam to this! This is one of my favorite tracks too. Overall I like the use of the game sounds, but I do think they could stand get paired down a tad. Also you might want to try starting the effects at 1:11 a bit earlier (or trimming the beginning). Since that sound has a slow attack, it sounds like it's coming in a little late. Personally, I'd love to hear you bring some more variation to the 2nd half of the song as well. Maybe through more complex sample patterns, or the introduction of a new element to the song. Let's hear some more!
  5. Popping in a bit late, I'm glad it kept the drive of the original. Though, I do agree that overall it felt a bit muddy. But I think that could be fixed without needing to cut out too much. The arpeggio in the background, in particular, sounds like it's taking up a lot of mid-range real estate. It might be better used to brighten up the high end. Still, I'm looking forward to hearing the next arrangement!
  6. Hey folks. Been a while. Here's my remix called: Witching Hour. I hadn't initially planned to make a remix but I started fooling around with the melody and it just blended together so nicely. Though now I'm wondering if I've included enough of the source material within the song. Thoughts? On a side note, if anyone wants to put some vocals on it you're more than welcome to
  7. I appreciate it! This is the kind of help I was hoping for. Will hopefully have another version out after the weekend. Edit: Ok maybe more like a few weeks from then. But it's still pending!
  8. https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/beyond-the-bounds-extra-stage Well here's the next version. Changelog: -Changed the first lead a tad. Tightened up the timing. -Re EQ'd a bunch of things (Still sorting that out...) -Added varying velocity, reverb and groove to some strings (May remove groove) -Made the kick punchier. Adjusted the snare. -Added introduction to square-lead. -Squashed the reverb kick some. -Changed the intro percussion a bit. Cause we're cool like that.
  9. Ah! I was hoping to hear how to make my strings better. Thanks! As for the square lead...I miiiight change it... but no promises (I might try introducing bits of it into the breakdown to make the appearance less sudden though.) Gonna take all this feedback and get some work in over the weekend. Thanks folks! (Though I'm still open to additional criticism! )
  10. Hello again ocremix! Today I'd like to share a Zone of the Enders 2 remix with you. It's a remix of the title theme Beyond the Bounds. It's sort of a orchestral/dubstep sorta...thing. You can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/beyond-the-bounds-majandhra I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions!
  11. Well I'd certainly say you nailed this step! Everything sounds in place and on key to me anyway. Not a bad idea to have an intermediary step before you tackle the larger goal.
  12. I like it! Short but solid. Personally, I wish the guitar-ish synth decayed a bit more smoothly, but it's not a big detractor.
  13. Hmm, let's try this one. https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-the-6th Changelog: Adjusted volumes Slightly re-EQ'd the fat synth Simplified the bass Complicated lead slightly
  14. New! https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-the-5th-muggs Thanks again for the feedback folks. Here's the list of changes: -Subdued FM synths a tad -Tightened up the snare. -Adjusted volumes -Adjusted automation on the fat synth -Cut out intro for the time being... -Re-made, and re-made and re-made the low-mid bass sound.
  15. New Version! https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-the-4th Took a vacation then came back at it. Changes include: -Added new breakdown [With a little Carnival Night-ness] -Excised some redundant notes to give instruments more headroom -Tweaked levels and compression here and there. -Added a couple breaks -Brought back the beginning section to round things out. Still working on the overall mix, as well as small bits to vary up the sound.
  16. Ah ha! Well here's the current plan of attack!: I think I'm going to start by spending some more time learning how to get a better mix out of this one(and hopefully everything else in the future). Then I'm going to reintroduce a mellower breakdown. There used to be one, but as I progressed it didn't seem to fit well anymore. I think I should just come at it fresh instead of trying to just re-modify what's there. Hopefully elements from that will lead to an even stronger and different 2nd section. And as usual, random experimentation will occur in-between all that. Thanks again for the feedback!
  17. Appreciate it! In the meantime I got to fiddling with it again and I think I've got it right. http://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-massive-edit (Same address, new version) Changelog: Tightened up the percussion. Added a tremor to the long notes. Re-sampled the first section. Filtered the intro beat. Adjusted "hype" notes. Forgot to cut out the silence at the end >_> Original Tune:
  18. http://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-massive-edit After a lot of screwing around with knobs and making new patches, I finally came up with something..."more". Mastering is probably a bit rough but will deal with that later today. Probably along with another pass on the samples in the beginning. Changelog: Re-made bass synth(s) + Added more automation to various parameters. Adjusted leads Tweaked kick patterns Changed the "breakdown" section Added old samples at start Added a few transition sounds Thanks again for all your feedback so far!
  19. There definitely seems to be a consensus there. But I'm not sure exactly where that "more" is gonna come from either. Gonna do a few random takes and see what happens. Appreciate the feedback!
  20. Thanks for the feedback! I've given it a couple more tweaks and this is what I'm calling the final version (same address as the 2nd version actually): http://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-muggs-majandhra
  21. Thanks! I was actually a little worried about that. I think I will end up splitting the gulp into two separate samples like you recommended.
  22. Hey folks. This here's a glitch-hop style remix of the Mystic Cave Zone theme. I'd love to hear your feedback on it! Original Tune: -EDIT6- Newest, Final-est: https://soundcloud.com/muggs-majandhra/glitch-cavern-the-6th
  23. I can certainly dig this. Brings back memories of djp's Da Factory Funk (More the theme than the melody I suppose).
  24. I am totally digging this. The sound reminds me of early Perfume songs. though a chorus of auto-tuned girls isn't that much of a stretch I guess Would mash-up really nicely with their title song come to think of it...
  25. Ahh, yeah I had a feeling it was still a bit too bland. I think I need to invest in a better way to produce new melodies so I can experiment with/implement new ones more easily. But I've got some good ideas on where/how to begin at least. In the meantime I might as well also expand my libraries. Thanks for the input!
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