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0:32 - The bass isn't very aggressive, and there could be a tiny bit more distortion in the rhythm guitars.

0:39 is plain-sounding, and needs more than just a generic chiptune tribute section. Maybe some detuned saws could work better, like


0:57 - The kick and snare aren't coming through very well. Did you try EQing yet? There doesn't seem to be a notch at the kick in the bass and guitars, nor any accommodation for the snare. The kick and snare are also a bit quiet. The guitars sound especially hollow here without a strong bass.

The piano is kind of buried at 1:42 by the guitars. Piano needs to be louder.

Pretty good first remix. I know it was better than my first.

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Not bad mate, not bad at all.

To start I like the intro and the build up at 0.50. I'm not a huge fan of the chiptune breakdown at 0.39 as it kinda sounds bland. To be honest I didn't even notice the piano, until timeaus pointed it out and it could use a bit of a tweak. All in all you got a nice sound goin, but you've got a bit of work to do. If it makes you feel better it's far better than my first mix. ^V^

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