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Chrono Trigger Intro Remake


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Check out the new Intro Remake Video by Rickonami " Chrono Trigger Intro Remake " !!! AWESOME WORK!!! I remixed the original intro tune and another one from the Chrono Trigger universe. Hope you like the result and have fun!;)

A Soundcloud link with the music coming soon!

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I really like the sounds you used for this, they really fit well together and fit the song.

The mixing is clear and everything is balanced correctly and stands out...

It sounds like you may have changed the voicing of some harmonies, which sounds interesting...

Of course people will say it's not "remixed" enough but, unless the remixer is really good like Lulza, I normally prefer to stick closer to the original tune because the remixer's musical ideas will pale in comparison to the original composer's musical ideas...

I like this :)

Synth violin is nice. Nice change there too (B part of Chrono Trigger)

Good job!

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Are my ears fooling me or did you detune some instruments (kind of like some old 80s songs)? Sounds odd.

The video is awesome though, nice graphics and the cover of the song is good (except the oddly tuned instruments). Too bad a remake will never happen...

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