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  1. Welcome to the dumb world of vgmixing! It sounds like you're clipping, make sure the volume on the master fader is below 0 at all times or it will distort. It's not really a remix because nothing was changed (nothing I can tell anyway.) You gotta add or change something.... If you really want to get on the site keep workin on it. Work is how to get good
  2. The Dajil song I mentioned below is actually a great example as it starts out with hand drums, listen to how they pop! They're very bright and in your face and have a satisfying "clomp" to them but they sit great in the mix. A/B with the song again, and try to get your hand drums to sound like his, as well as your drumset. (If you have the mp3 of that song - Xenogears Creid Dajil - open it in your sound editor, cut out a short part that features hand drums, and save that as a separate file, and cut out another short part that features the drumset, and now you can A/B your song with those on repeat until you get them to sound the same. I'm no expert but when I do that kind of thing my shit starts sounding way better. If you want it to sound like the pros, well, you gotta compare it to the pros...
  3. A/B this song with Mitsuda's Dajil arrangement from Creid or a similar song that has great sounding drums. I think you can EQ & Compress your drums to make them really kick, right now they sound wimpy. Even the handdrums, maybe you can add a little brightness and punch to them. Give your kick some thud at 70 hz and give your snare some snap at 8khz, add compression to them and a bit of reverb on the snare.
  4. I agree, this isn't rock at all, not really even folk rock to me, it sounds more like video game music. Which is fine because you're in the right place for that. If you're really trying to do some rock stuff then listen to how, in particular the drum parts are written in some classic or modern rock tunes, and how the melodies are written. The drum parts will normally have a driving kick & snare beat with either hi hats or rides going, and the melody won't be nearly as complex, and will repeat notes a lot. This is fine how it is if you want it to be the forest theme in a video game though.
  5. Doom metal to test my guitar tone & mixing...the line is from an episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes, which is a great anime btw. https://soundcloud.com/christophercollins-3/blood-will-be-smeared-across
  6. The guitar tone is good. I think if you have a bass you should play the bass instead of using a sampler (if shreddage bass is a sampler.) real is always better than fake. and I think the mixing of the drums really lacks some balls, when you're done tracking try to give the kick and snare more punch w/ EQ (mostly) & Compression...
  7. https://soundcloud.com/christophercollins-3/gothic-neclord-better-dead my friend requested this. i'm probably gonna take a break from doing these and practice guitar a while. once my chops are good enough I'll start actually submitting to the site
  8. I like this one better than your Tales one you just posted. The reason being, this one develops and keeps dragging you forward, whereas the Tales one kind of just meanders musically. Both songs sound good audio wise, maybe revisit the Tales one and see what kind of excitement you can add by changing up the arrangement a little bit more like with what you did here.
  9. It sounds like Masashi's stuff off Sigma Harmonics. Which is a huge ass compliment because that stuff sounds TIGHT I am a big fan of this soundtrack and you did it justice
  10. https://soundcloud.com/christophercollins-3/wing-commander-main-theme-no Someone requested this so I did it. Rock version
  11. https://soundcloud.com/christophercollins-3/final-fantasy-mystic-quest I know I have a lot of work to do on my mixing and guitar playing, but I like this arrangement and maybe with some work I can get it on the site. Let me know how close I am and how much work I have left to do!
  12. YOU HAVE ENCOUNTERED A VARIS I updated the mix, same link if you want to check it out. So great call on the panning. There were two issues, 1) I am a great big eejit and had the harp panned hard left along with the hi strings 2) I am a great big eejit and exported the harp and oboe from stereo to mono which really messed up the sound. So I fixed that I personally like the drum samples and the guitar distortion, however I did add additional processing to the drums (mostly eq) to get more power and punch, as well as some more eq and processing on the guitar. I was trying to get the "Snap" I hear in all the pro records on the snare. It's seemingly impossible, but I eq'd the shit out of it and it sounds pretty good to me considering I am a newb Thanks for listening!
  13. https://soundcloud.com/christophercollins-3/alundra-the-use-of-meia-mystic
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