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OC ReMix @ PAX Prime 2013!


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Fri. August 30th - Mon. September 2nd

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA


After a year hiatus, OC ReMix is making its return to the juggernaut of gaming conventions, PAX Prime. Join OC ReMix staff & friends at our panel during this epic 4-day event. For those who don't know, PAX Prime tickets sell out months in advance, but if you were lucky enough to score some this year, join us August 30th to September 2nd at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.


OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community of Sheer Awesomeness (faces may yet be punched)

Sun. September 1st, 1:30-2:30 PM

Wolfman Theatre


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Taking PAX Prime to the Prime Time!®

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A huge thanks to everyone who attended the panel (I think we were in the 300-350 range). It really was a blast to get to be a part of it.

I mentioned this before, but it's a strange feeling to be talking about video game music when you have vgm legends in the audience like Grant Kirkhope and Tommy Tallarico. :)

Hey I'm here at PAX right now. Hit me up on twitter! @omnipsyence

It was great getting to meet you in person man! We should collab sometime.

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