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    I have a few degrees and whatnot but who the hell cares. I previously worked on the Game Depository podcast for 2 years with Nova Sagura who was from and resided at Belgium. Once I fell out of touch I went into the dark catacombs of being off the gaming media radar until mid 2013 when college friend and game enthusiast Erik Johnson pulled me back into the mix onto the podcast for Gaming Dead in addition to doing coverage for other sites.
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  1. I am so proud. My almost four year old son is running around playing on my wife's archer taking down lady bugs.
  2. While I may not have posted much, as I told Larry as I had to leave a little bit early from the PAX meetup to sprint to an interview, I have been listening to OC remix since around 2001. Back in college in the early days of Napster, while others were downloading albums illegally, I was generally searching for video game remixes. And from time to time I would see new mp3's pop up with the word ocremix attached to it. At first I didn't know what it was pertaining to, over time I found it was in reference to this community. As stated I haven't posted much. Frankly I have no musical talent, and use my sound editing know how to do podcasts, and my insatiable resilience from shutting up to start doing written media in gaming. My point is, even though I may have only commented only 20 or so times total, and might be able to try beatboxing a mashup between shadow's song from ff3 and song of storms, I still feel a part of the community. One of my favorite sayings is "excuses are the nails that build the house of failure." While I usually refer to that saying when people disappoint me, in this case, I think that as a lot has been said and I think it is a good point for people to move forward together. As someone at the bottom of the proverbial communal totem pole, I just wanted to make mention that all it really takes to be a part of the community is to be a fan and be supportive of the site and all artists. My use of the saying here is that if there are regrets or things said that they wished they hadn't. A simple I am sorry should suffice at this point as I interpret a lot of passion for OCR on all sides of this discussion. As in life friends and people move on and what not, but it is those that come back and still speak highly of you that are truly friends and regardless of what projects new or old, whether or not you make music or just listen, I think we can see from a lot of the fallout from everything is there is oodles of respect for the OCR, and at the end of the day, that should what everyone should be able to settle upon. I just wanted to get that off my chest
  3. This is how I assume TGS will go down. FFX is announced delayed or being released the next day. Either way reaction is as below.
  4. What I recently read in regards to FFXIV and I think it bleeds over to everything else is that due to past reactions of V1.0 and I also think across the board especially since last year was bad for them, is that they are beating themselves up more than they should be. They honestly thought that they would not have enough of old players coming back. I don't know. I really can't figure out what would take this long of FFX HD. I think it was best for them to stay far away from redoing FF7 to modern standards if this is how they are ending up with things. It just seems like one big mess over there. But the games look and play so well that it is frustrating. http://www.polygon.com/2013/9/3/4686926/final-fantasy-14-a-realm-reborns-biggest-triumph-was-winning-back
  5. Ugh, I hate jerk faces. So I went back to the PAX booth to see if the rep I spoke to was correct. Not only did the second rep I speak try to explain to me that the devs said nothing and that they were all temps, but then he went to say there was no release date or release year or quarter for FFX HD. He also started to get confused when I explained which source told me even though the asshats worked next to each other for all 4 days. So I don't know what to believe anymore but I know I wasn't the only one told it was early 2014 as other media sites got the same info. But I would put that release date up to rumor at this point. Man am I frustrated.
  6. Found out from a rep at PAX. It is pushed to early 2014. Game looks amazing though.
  7. I should be able to make the first 20 mins. Have to jet for an interview at 2:00 so I will unfortunately not be able to make all of it.
  8. The gamestops around me have a high turnover for management apparently and frequently swap around supervisors and what not which can be quite unsettling since they usually lose the nice attitude within months. The current store manager in the Gamestop nearby scares my wife. She felt like she was going to get yelled at cancelling the ps4 preorder with how angry this manager looks usually. You can tell she no longer wants to work there. The worst though was one employee a few years back who i think was in a supervisor position tried to push a pre order on me I ended up calling corporate which is something I never thought I would do. I can't remember the game I went in to pick up, it was a DS game or something or other, and the employee went out of his mind asking us if we wanted to pre order anything. we kept saying no and he kept getting louder and louder throwing off the same few titles saying are your sure. Eventually we gave in and put down 5 bucks so he would give us the game we were buying allowing us to leave. I went in a week later when I was sure he wasnt there to cancel the pre order. Don't get me wrong, there are some employees there that I get along with that really hold back on pushing the preorder and have a good attitude, but when those in power hate what they do it makes for a really shitty experience, and I feel that with most of the gamestops I have gone to that seems to be what the problem is. That and when I go in and the trainee who is not allowed to work the register or anything has to stand around and follow me around like a creep because he is not able to do anything else at the time. That is why I dislike gamestop.
  9. As this and rogue galaxy are the only reason my PS2 is still in my house hoping to get played (even though there is never time) I am glad to be able to play it again regardless of graphics. Since I spend 3 hours a day on the bus going to and from work, I am just glad it is accessible again. Though I agree with everyone else that this wasn't much of a game that really needed a remaster, more of just a re release.
  10. Rofl. I thought it was wierd seeing the opening post from 2011. I am not sure how much it falls under the JRPG realm of games, but if anyone enjoyed secret of mana, they may also enjoy a lesser known gem called secret of evermore.
  11. I as well forgot my server, but I am one of those giant guys named Unicorn Buttons. Not sure if I will have any time this weekend to get some play time in
  12. Sounds almost like they were downloaded into a download folder and never moved. Not 100% sure that is the case. I know when this type of stuff happens to me it is because I myself mislabel.
  13. I can understand a new ending for X as I am assuming they never ended X with the notion of the X-2 storyline coming to play. I never beat X-2 as I got so upset at missing half a percentage point from not touching the moogle suit in the first scene and quit halfway so never saw X-2's ending.
  14. I am pretty sure my friends are all mad at how much I can't stop talking about this album. I almost started tearing up at work at the nostalgia and the appreciation for such a fine piece of work. Not sure how yall will top this one.
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