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Keyboard Workstations?

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Budget: $3000-$4000

A lot of keyboard workstations (88 keys) fall under that price range. What keyboard workstation would you get for DAW work? I'm not doing anything live. I also would like to play on it when I'm relaxing and not doing anything on the computer. So please don't say "get a midi controller instead!":tomatoface:

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Your choices are the 88-key versions of the Korg Kronos, Yamaha Motif XF, and Roland Fantom G. Anything else is a lesser version of one of these keyboards, and you have the money for the top of the line model, so why settle for less and limit yourself?

The big question then is what kind of music you want to play. As a general rule, everyone will have good pianos (so play and find out which you like most), Yamaha is the best of the three at orchestral sounds (though the Kronos is rediculously powerful, so that may not be true any longer), and comparing those three, the Kronos will be the best for organ sounds (it has a fully-customizable drawbar organ) and synths (where the other two keyboards have sampled synth sounds, the Kronos has that PLUS 5 or 6 proper synthesizers).

My recommendation, in general, would be the Kronos, but without knowing what you want to play and what your preferences are, I can't say for sure. The most important thing though is that you try before you buy. Find a local music store that has all three models, if you can, and spend a few hours playing and comparing them, seeing which sounds best in the areas that are most important to you and which has the features you like most.

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Alright, from what I've searched online, the 4 contenders are: Roland Fantom, Yamaha Motif, Korg Kronos, and Kurzweil PC3K.

Roland Fantom G is discontinued. I think there's going to be a successor to this.

Yamaha XF8 is in need of a successor! The jump from XS to XF was minor at best (expanded flash).

I'll check out the rest if they have them in stock.

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