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Metroid - Brinstar Depths (Metal Arranged Version)

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The production for me wasn't as tight. I'm not getting as heavy of a sound as you seemed to want to portray.

I know this is a sample library, but it's still heavier. Maybe it's because they're riffing on a low A string, but it's still the case that the bass is really refined. If you listen to that and then go back to this, it's much less heavy in your remix. I know sample libraries were made to be perfect, but sometimes live can sound better than sample libraries.

Decent production, but it does have room for improvement. Your drums appear to be lacking some treble above 16kHz, the kick is not coming through very well, and neither are the toms. 1:38 is extremely muddy. I can barely hear a kick there, which shows me that you're using a hard knee limiter in digital software, meaning you have the resources to get this fixing going!

The piano at 1:50 would be called out for sure on its mechanical velocities and timing, and maybe even on its sample quality if this were to be submitted.

As far as I'm concerned, 3:00 is your ending. The rest is nothing more than a repeat, and you wouldn't lose much content as 3:00 is a pretty good length anyways. :)

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