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Pokemon Silver/Gold Credits Giant Collab Name Challenge!

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Hey OCRemix, myself and a few other VGM YTbers are planning to sub this collab to ocremix.



Now subbed =)

David Russel - Piano


Marc Papeghin - French Horn


MaximumHamburgers - Drums


SongeLeReveur - Bass Guitar


Subakuryu - Ocarina


8BitBrigadier - Flute/Trumpet



Edited by Chris ~ Amaterasu
To make it look prettier
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I think we'll go with "Johto: Now and Forever" since SOMEONE had that name already lol

Thanks for the kind words.

As for originality, I actually think it deviates a tonne from the source. So much harmony, rhythm and the tone totally sets it apart from the original in many way - lends it a different feel I think =)

A little bit of everyone's style and flair went into it I think

Anyway, subbed =)

Edited by Chris ~ Amaterasu
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