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  1. Hi, love Chrono Cross a lot of celtic themes and string work. Happy to offer recordings for violin/viola (and very easy cello harmonies) if needed by people (for a few tracks) - good luck with the project =)
  2. I think we'll go with "Johto: Now and Forever" since SOMEONE had that name already lol Thanks for the kind words. As for originality, I actually think it deviates a tonne from the source. So much harmony, rhythm and the tone totally sets it apart from the original in many way - lends it a different feel I think =) A little bit of everyone's style and flair went into it I think Anyway, subbed =)
  3. Hey OCRemix, myself and a few other VGM YTbers are planning to sub this collab to ocremix. Audio: http://tindeck.com/listen/manb Now subbed =) David Russel - Piano https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidRussell323 Marc Papeghin - French Horn https://www.youtube.com/user/Marcpapeghin MaximumHamburgers - Drums https://www.youtube.com/user/MaximumHamburgers SongeLeReveur - Bass Guitar https://www.youtube.com/user/SongeLeReveur Subakuryu - Ocarina https://www.youtube.com/subakuryu 8BitBrigadier - Flute/Trumpet https://www.youtube.com/user/8BitBrigadier Videoooo:
  4. Still a WIP, but aiming to upload this cover in a month or so and then post for submission. Since it was more remix than my usual straight covers thought I'd post it here =) http://tindeck.com/listen/anlf
  5. No problems G-Mixer - answered =)

  6. Hey Madeleine, -Sorry for the late reply, I like what you did with the new recording a lot. String instruments and apeggios always sound great =D -I was thinking that with the money from your kickstarter could get a similar mic or better =) -And yes, you have a good ear - I play viola as well =)
  7. Hi there, Also wanted to provide support/encouragement for your project. Having done multiple single instrument arrangements of VGM I can understand the huge challenge and effort required. They are among the most tricky type of music arrangements I make, both in terms of timing, tuning and execution. It's also great seeing my instrument's(violin) sibling trying something similar =) Calum provided some excellent feedback. Apart from the tuning (especially with the octave section) and some timing issues there were 4 other things I wanted to add. 1. At 14 seconds in or so you can hear where you have cut the previous track quite noticeably, using fade in/fade out if you wanted to cut tracks might help in Audacity. 2. There were a few sections where the file sounded clipped, heard more in the cello track panned left. 3. The other thing that has been picked up is the sound quality and use of reverb. I would strongly suggest using a DAW/VSTs to add reverb - or to record in a room that provides natural reverb. 4. I would suggest some mixing to allow a specific part to stand out and to direct the listeners ear to where you want it. The gear used for violin and cello is of course different but maybe mine will help: Gear I use- Microphone: ATM 350 Condenser microphone (~$330 AUD) External Soundcard: MobilePre USB ~2nd hand (<100 AUD) Recording Software: Audacity (Free!!!) DAW: Fruity Loops (also use this to add reverb and mix) And then a lot of video gear/programs, but you won't be needing this added expense =) So with your goal you should be able to create some really good quality recordings I think! Some of my multi track stuff I make for YT, if you want to hear the quality of the gear: OoT: http://tindeck.com/listen/nsel Pokemon: http://tindeck.com/listen/vvko Portal 2: http://tindeck.com/listen/pfic Anyway, hope this helps - and I hope your project goes well! People here are very knowledgeable and friendly to boot - so don't be shy asking for advice/feedback!
  8. Sadly you could generate better lyrics by picking random words out of a dictionary than any attempt I could make!

  9. Hey MangaMan, (I usually just say, hey man lol)

    Thanks for the compliments. I'd be happy to contribute if you need any string parts, I haven't got any specific ideas to do a solo mix at the moment, but as you probably know - I do like zelda music =)

  10. Hey DjMystix, Wes just msged me on FB, and he told me about your 'awesome mix' =) If you want me to do some string work, violin/viola I can fill those parts out for you.
  11. I really enjoyed this one also, great job =) Retains a lot of the atmosphere well I think
  12. I'm still around! =D

    Well, on the ocremix forums anyway...

  13. Aww thanks guys for your encouraging feedback. I'm really glad that more classical style recordings have a place here - I've subbed it and hope they look upon it favourably =)
  14. Hi ocremix, I wanted to share a live recording of Ballad of the Windfish. I really feel as though this song called out for a more classical arrangement =) It is more on the conservative side, and I played around more with the texture and tone of the melody such as the flutando/harmonics. Thinking of naming this song "Dreams of Home" I also wanted to introduce Aivi/Waltzforluma to the scene here. She is a talented video game composer and piano player and when I spoke to her - she was keen on getting to know ocremix more. You might have seen some of her videos on YT =) So I felt this would be a good way to break the ice! Anyway, will submit this and run it by the judges =) If it's a no-go, I hope you enjoy anyhow. Audio Link: http://tindeck.com/listen/fspf Video Link:
  15. Hey, Great work, sounded fantastic - and I can see how your style would fit an okami song! =)
  16. I really loved your take on this theme, the guitar and leads were really catchy, great work on this remix!
  17. Just posting to say that I enjoyed this, and props for remixing a Bahamut Lagoon tune, one of my fav games =) Good luck if/when you submit!
  18. Haha, what coincidence...or fate. Well, if you want to contribute and make an acoustic cover of Zelda's Theme (since the title theme seems to be generating much interest from others) then we can make it happen. I would add multi violin and viola parts, and some stuff from my sound library. I see you are on youtube also, if you wanted you could do a youtube collab with me, and we could film us recording the remix if you wanted, that way your channel would get some more views? But yeah, let me know interest wise, (No offence if you say no!) and also the way in which you want to do this. If you want to make a backing track I can improv over it, or if you want to make a track before hand then that works also. Chris
  19. Thanks C7 and Emunator, maybe people are less familiar with these types of arrangements to critique/listen, but either way - thanks for the feed back =D I decided to submit it since it got relatively good feedback on youtube, and luckily it was accepted already! So I hope to see it someday here, when I give them them a 192kbs version =)
  20. Ahh, thanks man! That is actually a really great suggestion, it would work fantastically and fit right in with the style of wind waker I think. I'll keep an eye out if someone would want to collab on it =)
  21. In my head is sounds like terra's theme, unless my pitch is off lol =)
  22. I don't know if it helps, but I've been meaning to play the title theme song on violin for a while. So if anyone wants to incorporate a violin similar to the original title theme, then let me know =)
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