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Monkey Island 2 - Jojo Theme

Patriarch K

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I've got a lot of respect for accordian players. Extremely difficult instrument to play that's hardly comfortable to wear.

Ever since I played The Witcher, which had some fantastic pub music, i've fallen in love with this type of atmosphere. I like the pub sounds in your video though I think they get too busy. Maybe just a few here or there and a little further in the background. As it is it's close but it takes too much attention away from the accordian clarinet and piccolo. One more note is that the pub sounds don't feel like they surround the listener but are to the extreme left or right. It's really difficult to place sounds around like that but if you have a surround plugin try playing with it.

One problem is that it's very much "jojo's theme on accordian" and not much of a reinterpretation. If you could play around with the source and work your way into and out of what you have already it would be awesome-er.

Nice work! Adding you to my Monkey Island playlist.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! I agree with the pub sounds. I should maybe have tuned them down just a little bit and placed them on more different positions. When I made them I put some of them left, and some of the more to the left and a bit more to the left. Same with right. It's not only the extreme edges :)

Yes, maybe it would have been a good idea to make some "own" part of the song. I thought about it, especially when it came to this site where it's pretty much necessary - but on the other hand I compared my "remix" with the original and I found a huge difference even if the main melody on the accordion was similar (some adjustments in the melody and the chords). I thought that the whole arrangement in total with all the flute/clarinet 2:nd voices and stuff made the variation by itself. But maybe I was wrong - I don't know :)

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