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So I'm gonna be releasing an EP... Check this out!


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Hey guys

So finally I've realized it's time I get an EP out there. It's gonna contain various sub-genres from Metal but all with the same kind of tone and flow of each song. At the moment I'm just playing around with Riffs and ideas and there should be vocals being produced soon but check this out anyway!

Song 1: https://soundcloud.com/woodmaister/monsieur-blacksky-new-mix

Song 2: https://soundcloud.com/woodmaister/selflocked

Song 3: (WIP) https://soundcloud.com/woodmaister/toad-got-involved-with

Song 4: (WIP) https://soundcloud.com/woodmaister/song-4-agonized

I'm aiming for roughly 5 songs at the minimum, but this is work I'm doing with my band as well so hopefully I'll have more!

Let me know what you think anyway guys :)

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What sort of guitar gear are you using for this? You're going to have some vocals with it as well? Sounds solid so far!! Great stuff!

Thanks bro!

Keeping the gear simple really, Agilive Silverburt 7 string running through a Pod HD 500. Goes driect to my computer and I add all the Post EQ and such there.

In regards to vocals, there IS! I have 2 screamers/singers I'm working with and vocals are in the process. I know how some people prefer instrumentals however so I'll be releasing the instrumentals along with the vocals :)

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