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Super Nerdcore Entertainment System

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Some of you may have seen me do my kick starter for this... AND HERE IT IS!

I worked on a CD called Super Nerdcore Entertainment System over the past few months with help a bunch of peoples.

Anyway it's pretty much what you would expect a CD called SNES to be about - Mostly old time video games since I'm all extra nostalgic... some anime songs.... some math and other things.

Some of the people doing mic checks on here include - Alpha Riff, Josh Krow, Mc Ohm-I, Doug Funnie, 2 Mello, Illy Gorilly (Ill Gill since I have like a new nickname for him every day) and a few others.

Producers include : Raisi K, Beaker, myself and a bunch others.

But anyway check it out hope you guys enjoy!


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dat album art. :nicework:

I'll check this out even more throughout the weekend, but Star Foxyyy is already sounding head-bob-alicious to me. Congrats on the release!

Thanks man!! I did the front, a buddy did the back.

I appreciate you checking it out!

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