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"Mene" - World, Inspirational, Cinematic


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You know that Omega "co-axial chronometer" commercial you've probably seen a hundred or so times? Well, it's originally from the Man On Fire soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams, and ever since I heard it I had an idea for an epic world reimagining. Sort of in the vein of The Lion King, Baba Yetu, etc.


The war haka in the middle is a little nod to my few years spent in Polynesia. Wonderful places, wonderful people. icon_cool.gif

EDIT - I figured I should post the original version for comparison:

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Sweet, the mid build was too drawn out for my taste but other than that as a whole cool piece, enjoyable listen. The very start is pretty Ghibli. The strings are quiet on second listen, and they could have more life with more dynamics.

I was looking to see whether people got bored in the middle or not, so thanks for pointing that out. I may end up shortening it, if I can gather the courage to break up a war haka between two Maori tribes. 8-)

Yeah, I took it kind of easy (coughlazycough) on the ol' modwheel for the strings because they're primarily taking a backseat to whatever is going on at the moment, harmonizing and filling out the frequencies and whatnot. I'll probably play around and see what can be done. Maybe bring out the violin ostinatos more at the end since they're so much fun (BTW, I highly recommend Cinematic Strings 2 for anyone).

Thank you for the feedback! :razz:

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Put up a new version, based on feedback. Same link as before.

Changes include:

- Shortened the war haka by one cycle (now the song is 4:45, down from 5:01)

- Tamed the bass some

- Increased the dynamics of all string sections to convey more expression

- Increased the volume of the violin ostinatos at the end, and added some accents

- Made the drum breakdown at the end a bit more lively and human

- Tweaked the piano tempo slightly in places in the beginning

- Balanced the overall mix to provide a bit more headroom, especially at the end

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