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EC's Spoooky Horror Tracks (just in time for Halloween!)


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Inspired by the shocking, tasteless, and gory Italian horror films of yesteryear!

Death Comes Tonight: This track is supposed to call to mind a low-budget horror schlock extravaganza, so appropriately lofi synths are used, along with a delicious drum machine.

Strange Girl, Strange House : This one is for fans of more 'art-house' horror films, and is thus moody, cerebral, and progressive, inspired by Goblin's work with Dario Argento in the 70s and 80s. It has more prog-folk and ethnic influences for an unsettling feeling.

Please listen and give some feedback! I'm particularly interested in feedback for the second track, Strange Girl etc. It has, in my mind, a lot of polish and finesse to it, and I'd love to know if it has the "killer studio chops" that an OCRemix would have.

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I personally prefer the second tune. The first one kinda just went right through me, but the second tune had more interesting instrumentation.

Thanks for listening!

I don't disagree; the first was sort of a haphazard attempt to ape Fabio Frizzi's theme to Zombi, and in certain respects it didn't turn out quite like I hoped for (it's hard to get drum machines to sound right, I learn). The second had a bit more "thought" to it, and I think this can be heard quite easily.

I'm going to try another Frizzi-style piece before Halloween, if I can. He has a lot of

, as I am discovering. One always must appreciate the Italian knack for giving all genres memorable soundtracks.
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