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Super Smash Bros. - Gourmet Race Remix


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The first thing I notice is that the intro bell is extremely resonant (which is a bad thing). I can't tell where exactly, but it may be near 16000Hz that you need to do a notch or band stop filter.

This sounds like it's supposed to be some sort of dubstep, but the drums are not doing the job very well, no offense. The wobbles are washed in reverb from either themselves or the snare.

The kick sequencing is an issue for another time, but the tone of it is allowing it to be buried when anything else loud comes in, like the exposed, dry lead at 0:30 and any bass at all. The snare has TONS of reverb, so that long reverb tail is muddying up the mix. The snare may also have had its dry signal turned down, which is not practical in this context, objectively speaking. The snare can't be that far away because Dubstep of this type should be very in-your-face, but not overwhelmingly loud.

General and reasonably accessible issues: drum programming, drum compression, sidechaining, reverb wet/dry mix, and instrument volumes/EQ. These should be improved to make this remix more listenable.

Other, future issues/inevitably encountered details: sound design, texture (fullness/emptiness, or sound combinations), drum sequencing, bass mixing, and arrangement creativity (Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4).

I don't mean to discourage you from this though. Obviously you're new here, so it's just the beginning of the learning process for ya. Good luck.

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Oh yeah, hah, I'm pretty aware of it's faults, and I made this track before I knew anything about mixing.

Sadly I lost some of the assets but I can probably recreate them with enough time. I never really liked the "dubstep" feel of any song, I'd prefer an awesome melody over other things.

I'll look into editing what you suggested, maybe I'll even post it again some day.

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