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The Never Ending Legend (Zelda OoT & LttP)


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Hey everyone! Been a long time since I've posted a mix on here, but wanted to share my new Zelda remix that I will soon be submitting to the site. I wrote it for a multi-game remix album I've released of which it is the opening track. Some of the other tracks from the album will make their way here eventually as well. :)


http://halc.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia-canon (track 1)

Arranges the intros from both OoT and LttP, as well as cameos of Saria's Song and Song of Storms. Please enjoy!

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so good! sexy drums and that chip tune melody is a panty dropper, added to "make out playlist" ; ) haha jk but maybe not? depends on the girl am i rite. but srsly man, this is hot thanks for sharing before it inevitably is posted, it breaks down hard in the middle around 2 min mark love it!

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