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  1. so good! sexy drums and that chip tune melody is a panty dropper, added to "make out playlist" ; ) haha jk but maybe not? depends on the girl am i rite. but srsly man, this is hot thanks for sharing before it inevitably is posted, it breaks down hard in the middle around 2 min mark love it!
  2. Original: WIP: https://soundcloud.com/sirrusocr/lufia-2-dekar-theme-song-wip hello OCR!
  3. Blue Magic - nice to have you as my first and only visitor message LOL things have changed since i was on here last this feature wasn't even available. feel like a mom trying to figure out facebook, i posted a message on halcs visitor messages that was meant to be a PM ahaha. anyway, im back to making music so look forward to bouncing songs back and forth with ya, take care bud

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