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  1. so good! sexy drums and that chip tune melody is a panty dropper, added to "make out playlist" ; ) haha jk but maybe not? depends on the girl am i rite. but srsly man, this is hot thanks for sharing before it inevitably is posted, it breaks down hard in the middle around 2 min mark love it!
  2. Original: WIP: https://soundcloud.com/sirrusocr/lufia-2-dekar-theme-song-wip hello OCR!
  3. right on right on brother bear thanks for the listen and feedback i'll take it into account. just fyi tho this is all i have for now but this is def not the final length, many many additions and changes to be made, and i do really appreciate your time to listen and comment. later gater
  4. original: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/luf1map.mid tasty treat 4 u: http://tindeck.com/listen/dxnl SirRus is back bitches! Woo! And this time, in the words and accent of Mario, "I'ma gonna win!"
  5. Glad to see that you're back in the game! I would be honored to do some collabs with you. Just let me know, bro.

  6. Blue Magic - nice to have you as my first and only visitor message LOL things have changed since i was on here last this feature wasn't even available. feel like a mom trying to figure out facebook, i posted a message on halcs visitor messages that was meant to be a PM ahaha. anyway, im back to making music so look forward to bouncing songs back and forth with ya, take care bud

  7. awesome to see you 2 back to work! i too have decided to throw myself back into the mix. ellywu i always dug your stuff and you may be a bit rusty but keep up the hard work mute city is off to a good start.
  8. Hey man! I hope all is well. I'm sure you're busy as hell, but it would be great to hear some more of your music one day.

  9. I lost my father 2 months ago to a heart attack. I think of him today as I have every day. We may fight and disagree with our parents on and off in our lives, but we are lucky to have people who care so much about us. Respect and love your father in whatever way your relationship with him is, and thank him for bringing you along and having your back since the day you were born. Happy Father's Day!
  10. but nobody has kicked as much ass in a song before or since Prot made DKC2 "Krool Intentions" BOOM
  11. wish he would do an OCR, and this sounds kinda like one anyway ha
  12. Seeing the latest posting on the old OCR frontpage reminded me of one my favesies I lost in the great hard drive crash of '07. Gecko Yamori's Streets of Rage 2 SID of Rage remix was once updated and I believe posted on vgmix from whence I originally downloaded it. It was, in my opinion, infinitely better and catchier. If anyone has Gecko's remake of SID of Rage and wouldnt mind sharing a link to it or emailing it to me I would be eternally grateful. Tank you.
  13. DID I JUST READ IN A DJP WRITEUP THAT ZIRCON AND PIXETRICKZ ARE BF/GF WTF if i hadnt left this community gray would still be here and also this news would not have just reached me about an OCR hookup. prob b/c zircon would have picked me over pixiedicks
  14. prot = virt = gray = djp = shnabubula = wingless = mustin i solved the conspiracy. notice the subtle similarities of musical tonality and rhythmic sytlings. its like pandora radio listening through a playlist with these artists. oh and speaking of pandora, i was pleasantly surprised to find out you can create a zircon radio on pandora.
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