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EFP Vol 6: More Electro Than Electro - Now Available!

Zen Frazier

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Hey All,

The Electro Freaks are back with yet another indie electronic compilation featuring a ton of awesome electro artists, including original tracks from OCR remixers like zircon, Flexstyle, bLiNd, DjjD, Jamison Randall, Leitbur, Binster (as .mpegasus), to mention just a handful.

Please check out the album and enjoy! We're making it "name your price" this time so it's still a free download for anyone who wants it; any generous support will go towards keeping all of our releases free on Bandcamp etc.

Album art © and courtesy of RoboticsClub: http://instagram.com/RoboticsClub


EFP Vol 06: More Electro Than Electro Tracklist:

01 Painting the Prototype - Danger Run

02 bLiNd - Rock it Steady

03 zircon - Across the Ocean

04 Leitbur - I Will Always Be Your Constant

05 .mpegasus - homespace

06 DM Ashura vs. Sanxion7 - Ethereality

07 DjjD - Intergalactic Arsenal

08 Vincenzo Salvia - Towards the Light

09 Bearcraft - Ghost

10 Decktonic - This Love Is Faux Real

11 Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie - Don't Say It Didn't Hurt (Club Mix)

12 Hollidayrain - Let Me Go (feat. Russell Elliott)

13 Rchetype - Arcturus (feat. Wolfgun)

14 nervous_testpilot - Holding Fire

15 Flexstyle - Stand With Me

16 MisfitChris - Night Tone.AiR

17 Fetal Pulse - Hyper Jump

18 Color Theory - Slot Machine

19 Tad Rees aka Solo - Mars Descent (EFP Mix)

20 Sum - Oblivion (Alex Gloworld Instrumental Remix)

21 Glass Department - Sunlight

22 Phrakture - No Illusion

23 TheBlackParrot - Bandit

24 Jamison Randall - Maybe (feat. Category5)

Thanks for checking us out!

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