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Here Comes A New Challenger!

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I'm just curious as to whether someone can give me a quick run-down of whats required before one may:

a) Join a project, and

B) Start a project....

.....like, is it pretty much fair-game, assuming you can acquire the support and participants, and also have the ability to back the moxie; or do you have to work your way up through a hierarchy of some sort?

Thanks muchly!

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a) Joining a project is up to the director. They should have acceptance criteria listed in the project thread. The usual arrangement is that posted remixers are allowed to claim tracks as long as they meet deadlines; everyone else has to audition, either with a sample work of some sort or a WIP of what they have in mind for the project.

B) Someone who just shows up and tries to organize a project will probably have a hard time finding participants, but nothing prevents you from trying. The process to get accepted as an official OCR project is fairly rigorous, but there's a lot to do before that's something you should even be thinking about; mustering participants and getting WIPs in will probably take months.

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