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  1. I unfortunately didn't have the time to complete BD, but the source definitely jumped out and subsequently stayed with me. This cover is absolutely fucking lush, for lack of better words. I even prefer it to the original, though of course it wouldn't have been possible without the source, but still. Absolutely zero room for improvement - This is genuinely lovely. Hope you don't mind that I downloaded it.
  2. Oh, absolutely - There's a fair bit missing from what I would consider the final piece and you're completely right about the structure, but I thought this was enough to showcase what I had in mind. I'll hold off a day or so to see what else can be said before nailing it down. Thank you, though - I certainly appreciate it, especially when it's my first remix.
  3. Hey~ I'm on the last stretch of finishing this - I need to finish the ending, work on the drums and master it, but I was hoping some of y'all could offer some feedback on my take of this retro-cult-classic beforehand. https://soundcloud.com/cherryblossomspit/mekas-castle-the-last-dungeon Thanks!
  4. Thanks, that means a lot! I often worry that my confidence is mistaken for arrogance, when I'm purely just aware and proud of how hard and long I've worked to know what I do now, which I owe in part to a lot of people I've met along the way. Thus, I'm really looking to getting involved and meeting more people, hoping I can help in turn, while also being genuinely interested in what y'all will have to say about the remixes I'm currently jamming out.
  5. Very lush and well written, the interlude is particulaly lush and it flows seamlessly. Level-wise, it's pretty well mixed: There's clarity between each melody and you've used effects decisively, without going overboard, though you might want to consider banging on a little bit of predelay on the lead's reverb. Just a suggestion - It may be too "spacey" but it might sound good. The only thing I can flaw is your choice of drum samples, but that's down to personal preference and shouldn't really be taken too heart. All in all, a great piece and I look forward to hearing the final piece. Kudos!
  6. Lethal - Loved the neo-classical-tetris-esque influence; Kinda reminded me of Yoji Biomehanika, which is certainly a compliment.
  7. Hi~ I'm just curious as to whether someone can give me a quick run-down of whats required before one may: a) Join a project, and Start a project.... .....like, is it pretty much fair-game, assuming you can acquire the support and participants, and also have the ability to back the moxie; or do you have to work your way up through a hierarchy of some sort? Thanks muchly!
  8. Well, despite having a lot of musical experience, including writing, recording, producing, gigging and touring, supporting bands like The Misfits and Queen Adreena, (to name a few) I can't deny that I'm new, as a member, to this site. Still, being a massive geek and Video-Game enthusiast, I'm very eager to contribute; thus I'm creating this thread to showcase my talents, as a point of reference. It's all welcome to criticism, of course, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing I haven't already heard by now - Though, I will be eager to get feedback on anything new I write. As for what I can do, that
  9. Hey, name's Connie - Been a fan of the OC stuff for a long, long time now, while also eagerly awaiting the artists' takes on certain titles, which have unfortunately just never came to fruition. So, several friends and fans suggested I join and spearhead the projects myself, or at least propose them, annnnnnnnd here I am. This is just a quick message to say hello and give my acknowledgement and gratitude to all involved, but I'll be sure to post in depth regarding what I have in mind, soon. I'm also genuinely looking forward to meeting new folks and just having fun with music again, too, while
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