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Hilltop Shuffle (Kirby Super Star - Hilltop Chase)

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Hello OCR.

I have another thread to add to this page. I have been toying around with a new style (for me) in FL Studio while awaiting a creative burst and/or feedback on my other WIP here.

This is a jazzy take on the Hilltop Chase theme from Kirby Super Star. A few things to note:

This is definitely early on in the song. There are a few clipping/compression issues, the time change is still musically wonky, and the track ends before the 2 minute mark.

Please let me know what you think of the style and arrangement. I am anxious to see if this is something I should trash or continue.

Thanks again to all of you who listen and comment!





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Cool, I like jazzy mixes :smile:

Nice chill groove and i think you're using the right drum kit for that kind of jazzy remix.

I listened to the source a few times but i had some trouble to recognize it in your mix. I

heard it at 01:20, though.

In my opinion the arrangement from 00:00 - 01:12 isn't really progressing, it get's a bit repetitive. Maybe you could try to vary the drum pattern a bit more and i think changing the harmonic structure could also help. But the song is only 1 1/2 minutes long so maybe it's a bit to early for that kind of criticism.

Yeah, that time change at 1:13 is too abrupt, gotta find a transition there.

What's that instrument at 00:33 in the background? It's pretty quiet and indistinct.

I think there's a lot of reverb overall, probably a bit too much.

It's a nice start, keep it up.

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Hello all! I've made a few updates to this track, namely adding sax parts, trying to shuffle up the repetitive drum tracks, and fleshing out the mix.

A few things to note:

The transition from 3/4 to 4/4 is still rough. I haven't yet decided how I want the mix to make the switch, but it's there.

The intro is a bit long at :40, but I tried to bring out the source melody a bit more so it is more easily recognizable.

I changed the chord structure a teeny bit. It may not be enough yet to keep it interesting, but I'm trying and open to suggestions.

Please let me know what you think! I'm excited to hear what OCR has to say about it.

The updated link is in my original post.

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