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Seven Lions analysis


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Seven Lions (producer Jeff Montalvo) has impressed me and my friends to the point of obsession. He's got a driving sound that brings out the 'inspirational' and massive aspects of electronic music. I was a huge Pendulum listener for this sort of stuff, but this guy has finally, after years, made them obsolete in my eyes. That's a good thing really.. that Pendulum held up that long.

Here's his stuff:

I've been out of producing for a while, never did it properly or well enough to be taken seriously, but I want to emulate some of what Seven Lions does and use him as a base point instead of chiptunes.

So, if others are interested in his sound..

He uses FL Studio. His main synths are Sylenth1 and Massive. What sort of effects VSTs do you think he uses? What sort of musical theories does he take advantage of most?

How does he FIT all those massive individual instruments in his mix? Despite EQing, I've always had trouble with too many instruments fighting for attention. He has none of that issue. Anyone else dig this guy?

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Man. It took me the longest time to realise that you didn't have to have a static EQ on your tracks.

I'm so slow at this whole production thing. Haha

Plus, I should probably look into getting Massive. I love me some thick synths.

Yeah, that's something I picked up while watching zircon's Final Fantasy 6 stream. :)

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