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Stars Like Fireflies: vocal comprehension?


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I'm creating my first vocal mix, and I want to achieve a good level for the (vocoded) vocals. I want to make sure the vocals are comprehensible, but I don't want them to overpower my mix. So I'd like your opinion: are the vocals too loud? Can you understand them?


The lyrics are included in the description of the song. Thanks for listening! :)

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Hey Asa, the song is sounding pretty cool. I really enjoy the instrumentation and the style you chose. Top-notch execution for sure.

As for the vocals, I think the volume is appropriate. It's not overpowering, in my opinion. As for being able to understand them, I couldn't really without reading the lyrics (not sure how comprehensible you wanted them though). I think vocoded vocals sound pretty cool when executed correctly. Here they feel a little too robotic, but that's just my personal preference, I like them when they're a little more natural sounding. I think a lot of older Daft Punk stuff hits a nice happy medium. Something about the ends of a few of the phrases sounds slightly off too, like it's clashing or there is some dissonance almost like it's off-pitch just a little? The "seeing your face" line was the one in particular that stuck out a little bit to me.

Really cool though, I'm enjoying this for sure!

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Here are the lines that I couldn't understand clearly enough, because they need their transients (fricatives and sibilances) to be more audible:

0:17 - 0:21

0:24 - 0:28

The other vocal parts sound most like a speech synthesizer since they're more exposed than at those two timestamps. There IS that buzzy tonal character of a vocoder, but it's not a real recorded voice.

sounds more like real vocals, purposefully spoken robotically to make it sound more robotic but not unnatural, and chopped to fit the tempo where necessary. Robotic is fine, but it should still sound like a human when you take out the vocoder.

Other than that, great dubstep work. Likable wobbles here, and great drums.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll try to make it a bit more clear. And yeah, timaeus, I was going for a more retro vocoder sound--there's no dry voice going through, and I'm doing large-band (not precise).

I made the mistake of saying I'd release it tonight, so I'll do what I can with what time I have XD

Thanks for the feedback, guys :)

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