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Weird Problem With Live + IAC Driver

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So I just recently bought Harmor to work out some screaming basslines (courtesy of Seamless), and in order to use it on my Mac I've gone and configured a convoluted way with Plugwire and such (you may have come across this method before), which receives MIDI info via Apple's built-in IAC driver. So I have Live configured to receive the audio signal from Plugwire, and I have a MIDI track that sends data to the IAC driver. The weird thing is, when I have the track armed it outputs this horrible, garbage MIDI signal, as if it were going through an arpeggiator with a super fast rate. This happens when I either play live from a keyboard or when I play a MIDI clip on the track. When the track isn't armed, however, I can play MIDI clips without this happening. I've replicated the problem from within Live, so I know that it's not Plugwire messing up. Anyone have any idea what could be amiss?

EDIT: Well, I'm a derp. The problem was that I had the MIDI in of the track set to all ins, which included the IAC driver that it was already sending to. So basically I created a horrible MIDI feedback loop.

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