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Trouble with Saria (Lost Woods Remix)


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This mix needs a lot of work, but I wasn't any better when I first started. So just keep at it.

The bass and drums do not fit well with the other instruments. They also tend to overpower everything else. The saxophone or trumpet (can't tell from the sample) is very mechanical and the sample has an unpleasant tone.

The drums lacks variety, the same pattern is used throughout the track. Change things up a bit. The quality of the samples aren't great, I'd say add some more processing. For example, the hi-hats are sounding dry, so I suggest adding reverb or delay.

The arrangement of the bass is not very exciting, the notes change, but the arrangement remains basically the same from bar to bar. Also, as I mentioned above (and Anorax as well), it does overpower at times, and tends to bury the drums.

The arrangement of the other instruments fairs better, with a few changes the original melody. Overall, the arrangement is passable, which is the best part of the track.

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