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  1. Just threw this one together, very much a quickie. Just starting out so. lol thought I would still share. chheers https://soundcloud.com/user750358/trouble-with-saria
  2. this is a mix that I just threw together it's going to feature all the tracks that I personally liked from MM. no where near complete I just wanted to show you guys sketches lol essentially
  3. Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I've visited this forum. That's too bad. Anyway's I'm producing music again, this track is by no means finish. Feedback will be appreciated. http://soundcloud.com/user750358/the-negotiation
  4. I haven't posted here in awhile! This track is only 4 days old...it's a progressive house tune! Not finished yet of course. I would like to turn this into something special, hopefully. anyway I digress. Enjoy!
  5. you could use this track, I recently made. if it's not what your looking for than please disregard this track.
  6. I just got home from watching this...I left the theater totally confused and mind-fucked. Absolutely loved some parts of the movie, but hated most of it. "Unnecessary" is the goddamn word that just kept popping up in my head. Throughout the duration of it, the action continued to get better, while the plot continued to get worse. Optimus Prime did kick some ass however.
  7. Wow...7 dollars. The cons of living in Los Angeles. Tickets to see a movie are about 14 dollars a pop here...sucks. I'm going to see this tomorrow despite the horrendous reviews, mainly because I'm bored out of my mind right now.
  8. HAHAHA! What the F**K? This reminds of the time, some idiot tried to sell Britney Spears used chewing gum for a million bucks... Which was SOLD! by the way. So someone's probably gonna buy this too. jesus.... anyways seriously Micheal Jackson was definitely one of the better musicians in the world, mostly according to what I've read. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of his music, but the story of his life is definitely interesting to me. like how his dad played a significant role in his career? R.I.P MJ. and yes strange week indeed.
  9. Hey, I just got a new speaker system and REJOICE sounds like it has WAY WAY WAY too much bass in it. Is yours the same?

  10. Oh wow...thanks man. I'm glad you like it! I already have lyrics to the track already, I'm currently looking for a vocalist, also I really don't have recording equipment. I'll probably have to rent a studio, or something.
  11. Bump! This version sounds more clubbish. So dance ur asses off! Imagine This! New!* *Still not finish!
  12. Wow...same here. I use to think EQ was magical, although I kinda still do.
  13. Yea, no kidding. Most of the minigames are random, I always crack up when .HAHAH!
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