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Shock Troopers 2nd squad Remix


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Ok so this right here is my 2nd (see what I did there) ReMix that I did for the sake of people hearing it (the first is up on youtube). I am pretty proud of this song, though it was a pain to figure where what should go where, etc. I mark it as finished because I have submitted it for evaluation by the judges. Since I expect to have it turned down, please feel free to tell me ways I can improve it.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/dantesubicus/heroes-of-shock

Thank you and have a nice day/night

d0s-OmEga8 :sleepdepriv:

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Welp, probably the first and main thing that would give this a NO would be the fake FL Slayer guitar. >.<

Other things:

- Levels are wonky (bass is too loud, piano is too quiet, can't hear the drums).

- Everything is dry. No reverb that I can hear.

- It's clipping (no limiter).

- Piano is mechanical.

- Drums seem independent of the other instruments.

The first thing you could do to improve this is to simply put on a limiter on the master track in the mixer. That would probably make this sound pumping due to loudness based on how you have Fruity Limiter for free, but it's a step forward. It'll also help to listen to music that uses guitars and pianos. You probably already do that, but do it more intently. Guitars don't play lifeless, loud notes like that, and pianos aren't played stiffly like a robot would do it. I know you're just starting, but everyone starts somewhere.

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