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U.N Squadron Frontline base Chillmix (short)


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Hey man! I absolutely adore UN Squadrons OST, glad to see more people doing remixes of it - I'd love to get a remix project started for this game.

But anyway, there are some neat foundational ideas here.

- The intro is far and away the best part to me, I'd suggest extending it and taking some time to layer the drums in as the song moves along. Keep things dynamic and work on your drum patterns to make sure they don't sound repetitive.

- The lead instrument sounds pretty neat, I feel like you could use a few more layers to support it.

- I feel the weakest part of the mix is the ending, probably just the unfinished bits, but when everything cuts towards the end, it takes away, i'd suggest a different transition entirely.

hope it helps!


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I understand what you are saying and i like the ideas specially the remix project :D gonna work on the stuff you mentioned, its gonna be hard to make a 3 min chillmix but i will try my best to make it work. Thanks alot for taking your time to comment it means alot :)

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