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A Play about Vidjyagames

Melodious Punk

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Thanks for checking this thread. I know most people (including myself) see the word "theatre" or "play" and instantly move along as if looking at a 10 year old presidential ballot, but YES! WE MADE A PLAY ABOUT VIDJYAGAMES!

really! Here's the soundtrack


I figure this is the kinda thing people bring up in conversation like "that reminds me! I just heard about how some dudes in Reno, NV made a play about video games". I wanted to let the wisened OCRemix community know that yes! It can be done. The story's protagonist is a 13 year-old girl suffering from epilepsy that goes on an Alice in Wonderland-esque headtrip. It's like a Star Trek episode.

Also, the reception has been awesome so far, and we are totally down to license the bejeesus out of this thing to the right theatres. So let me know if you know a place that'd perform it.

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