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  1. there is only one anatomically possible apporach for 45, and a few for 47. it can be done! From lowest to highest string, the chord fingering on the fourth beat of bar 45 will be: i a m c in case you don't use "pimac" p=thumb, i=index, m=middle, a=ring, and c=pinky the fingering in bar 47, for precision, will be: p c m a
  2. whoops, didn't realize that there was still a remix posting subforum, the forums here have grown so immense
  3. To ease consumption of the music for your pleasure, Tomo Club's One Blue Pixel material is now an album! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpgInksdoB4 Bandcamp http://tomoclub.bandcamp.com The album is a completely acoustic, single take recording of our group playing in a studio setting. Tomo Club has been playing around the Northern Nevada area for 3 years now and these are all our favorite songs minus a few that did not turn out well in the recording. We always improvise and change the pieces on the fly so we unfortunately couldn't include Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger and some other tunes that just didn't take. I'd love to know your thoughts, and if you're into Tango, Tropicalia, or chamber music we'd love to hear your thoughts! Love, TOMO
  4. I haven't played through the World of Ruin many times, but can you approach the different scenes you mention in a non-linear fashion? That would be a significant point of divergence from traditional three-act structure that has some corollaries in modern stage productions.
  5. I started a kneejerk, then I looked at your name, and a wave of reason overcame me. I always advise producing according to the emotional needs of the music, and many talented engineers follow this philosophy. We can abuse the limiters in fantastic ways, and so long as the emotion is there, the listener will disregard the functional aspects of the sound.
  6. musictheory.net by Ricci Adams has been a great resource for more than a decade now. What are you trying to accomplish with your study? Any particular sounds you are trying to make, or do you want to improve your ability to recognize and recreate sounds?
  7. I second the use of Synth1. While you'll get much more freedom than the initial hardware programming constraints, there are some fantastic sounds and the interface is very fun. Hirasawa Susumu uses Synth1 a lot and he has a very Amiga-derived palette.
  8. Hey, we made an album! It's on Bandcamp now. Acoustic, tangoes, tropicalia, and a bit of chamber music all played live in single takes. Very organic performances of many classic video game tunes. https://tomoclub.bandcamp.com/releases We would like to publish it on Overclocked Records but we've been ignored so far so we moved to publish it ourselves with our usual licensing agreement. Might do another platform if no one from OCrecords is interested If you like the album we'd love to know your thoughts!
  9. vidjyagame- vi-√uh-gåm : 1. thang done wif controllers and electrons resulting in joy 2. confused for steak sandwich see Steak Sandwich 3. Anything remotely associated with Chrono Trigger
  10. Thanks for checking this thread. I know most people (including myself) see the word "theatre" or "play" and instantly move along as if looking at a 10 year old presidential ballot, but YES! WE MADE A PLAY ABOUT VIDJYAGAMES! really! Here's the soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/rvgsymphony/sets/the-memory-card-ost I figure this is the kinda thing people bring up in conversation like "that reminds me! I just heard about how some dudes in Reno, NV made a play about video games". I wanted to let the wisened OCRemix community know that yes! It can be done. The story's protagonist is a 13 year-old girl suffering from epilepsy that goes on an Alice in Wonderland-esque headtrip. It's like a Star Trek episode. Also, the reception has been awesome so far, and we are totally down to license the bejeesus out of this thing to the right theatres. So let me know if you know a place that'd perform it.
  11. It can be very hard to keep a positive attitude when striving for the ultimate. Contentment is possible, and whether you're playing for 5 people or several thousand, if you love music, it will always be the ultimate reward at least for that moment. Food and Shelter are considerations that we all have to make but you don't have to be the best to be happy. What about MAGFest, PAX, and all the other conventions? Is it fair that they don't pay most of their artists? They operate on the same principle as music festivals, which are very hard to break through unless you're unbelievable. If you're ubelievable you can blow away any crowd.
  12. I am from Reno, NV. We are holding the 2nd GAME Expo in June 2014 and will be filling out the stage for the next few months. If you DJ, have a band, or would like to start a vgm band, let me know, we want to hold more music next year. We also perform vidjyagame music throughout the year, so if you can make it to Reno, it would be great to meet new musicians in the area, thanks. There's more info at www.renogameexpo.com for the convention in June
  13. YES! YES! YES! I posted this to GAME Expo's facebook page immediately when I realized what tune you had remixed. We've played this tune in the past but I've never thought of hearing it with so much pizzazz. Excellent work.
  14. I enjoyed that a lot! The mic'ing feels a bit like some instruments are playing in separate spaces, maybe adjusting the vertical height pf the mic on the violin and the drum could bring out some interesting blends. Otherwise I would try to play the violin in a deader space. I have a hell of a time recording my viola without getting too much room sound.
  15. Over 'ere in Reno, we just did a spat of shows with our newer combo that plays a ton of different games in the spirit of a bunch of smarmy bastards. Here's a link to a show we played earlier in the month, which was certainly our most visually interesting show. I left some links to le highlights if you're in a rush, aren't we all? Dr. Wily's p. 2 Startropics
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