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Remixes from around the world

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Not all remixed tracks make it to OCR. Here are some download links to remixed tracks encountered from around the world.

Celestia8 was a remix project done some years ago.

I managed to track down some tracks from Google Docs and YouTube, the latter which will branch out with more suggestions.

Final Fantasy

^ Waaait for it, and check out the other tracks on the channel.

Google Docs: Searching Friends - 3+28years Mix - version 2.4 - n.Pro

Chrono Trigger

Google Docs: Brilliant Highway side BLUE - Lix

PM me if you can mirror all the tracks (total 25 tracks, MP3, ~150 MB).

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Great subject! I liked the Chrono Trigger one.

Some time ago, someone by the name of TomyS did a Battletoads ReMix for the Arctic Caverns called Cold Chillin' and, needless to say, I liked it--simple, chill, minimalistic

Some years ago I urged Cristian M Goulart to submit his Batman: Remake of the Joker pieces here.

I particularly liked Cave of the Joker.

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