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  1. The first sentence says I'd start a topic. The second sentence is a hopeful implication that it will take off, whether it be a popular thread or another site. I was hoping to start a discussion about submitted ReMixes that people like but weren't accepted. At least before people started jumping onto the devil's advocate wagon.
  2. I don't know why everyone's jumping to conclusions. I didn't say anything about creating a site. All i stated was a place on the internet. a.k.a. this forum, this thread. First of all, if it were my intention to create a database, I wouldn't accept everything and anything. First and foremost, only the rejections (does ThaSauce do that?) It has to at least make it to the judges panel. I believe that's quality control enough. Second, nothing that's deemed by the judges ReSubmit and where the ReMixer intends to resubmit. Second: ReSubs. Kinda covered that. Third: The concept of ReJects. The
  3. I thought I'd start a topic to honor those who have put out their honest hard work to the judges, but for whatever reason, didn't make the cut. Perhaps make a place on the internet just for this. Call it OCReJex or OCReJects. Maybe make some album artwork to go with it. Kinda like OLReMiX but not as funny. Anyway, I'll start: Anyone remember Battletoads - Cold Chillin' ? It was so basic; so minimalistic; so chill; and so rejected. But it will always have a special place in my iTunes folder.
  4. Yes! Thank you, Matt R. and S. Battle! I just completed both parts of the game, and I'm stoked to hear this! God, I wish Sakuraba/Nintendo/whoever would release a soundtrack to GS.
  5. Technically, Rygar is a translation variant of 'Ligar' the final boss. But whatever.
  6. Here are some more strict 2A03 covers: And here's another one by me:
  7. Yes; I've never seen a mad violinist before and would rather not see one soon.
  8. I'm not familiar with the source material. Should I be if I'm going to watch this? By the way, I find it awesome that fans go out of their way to make fan films. I understand there's time and budget issues with no return investment.
  9. I had to stop listening to music for the rest of the day because I was so blown and captivated by this alluring song. This sounds so natural--better than its source.
  10. Oh. For some reason I was thinking we'd be doing 8-bit remixes.
  11. Dave Anderson - Steady Burn from the album, Only Against Eternity. I can't find the whole track posted anywhere, but I assure you: it's as good as it sounds.
  12. I would've clicked on this topic sooner had I known it was about 8-bit.
  13. Great subject! I liked the Chrono Trigger one. Some time ago, someone by the name of TomyS did a Battletoads ReMix for the Arctic Caverns called Cold Chillin' and, needless to say, I liked it--simple, chill, minimalistic Some years ago I urged Cristian M Goulart to submit his Batman: Remake of the Joker pieces here. I particularly liked Cave of the Joker.
  14. What's MnP? As long as we're talking expansion chips... More from me: That's all for now. Deathsmiles!
  15. Yeah... I kinda went off the arcade version of the game. I also ran out of frames. Anyway, Bulbamike is awesome! Thanks for the links. Here are some more: <- quite an enormous feat, using no expansion chips Some arrangements by ZeroJanitor: E253MechaShadow: Here's another one of mine:
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