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  1. My first thought was that "OC ReMix" was some kind of rap act, because of a song that popped up on KaZaA with OC ReMix in the title. I'm pretty sure that was a Chrono Trigger remix. Anyway. This was likely around 2002. I've mentioned the site on various Norwegian fora over the years, and bought three, black t-shirts. So is this site still run by Dr. Pepper? GZ!
  2. "Final Fantasy VII Remake Plans To Delve More Deeply Into Biggs, Wedge, And Jessie" Source (who cites Famitsu): http://www.siliconera.com/2015/12/15/final-fantasy-vii-remake-plans-to-delve-more-deeply-into-biggs-wedge-and-jessie/ So you'll get to explore after all.
  3. That hypothetical button must be awfully close to their "TROLL FANS" button. Interesting tidbit posted about two weeks ago (before the remake reveal): http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Final-Fantasy-7-PS4-Version-Isn-t-HD-Remake-We-Hoped-68802.html Pete Haas: I.. don't know what Square Enix is doing. Apparently, neither does Kitase. Kitase goes on about not wanting to do a verbatim remake of the game. Anyway. I'd appreciate a new way to play it. I assume most of those who played the original have grown in one way or another in ~20 years. Kitase:
  4. A road movie? That cave scene was in stark contrast with the rest of the trailer. I just hope the game won't end up as a giant patchwork of accumulated, disjointed ideas from all the directions they've taken it internally over the years, so they can wrap it up before the next console generation. The first trailer was pretty cool overall. The part where they used the enemy's weapon against itself. Epic! Kind of reminded me of Evil Dead 2 (the tiny clones of Ash running around with their own smurfy agenda). If three's a crowd, who will be the first two to die GRR Martin style? Maybe one dies, an
  5. Actually, they have no more info than what all the other developers get through the SDK. The fact here is that Naughty Dog spent more time on hand-optimized assembly language rather than chucking it all at a C/C++ compiler with an optimize switch, and more importantly, they used the coprocessors to offload the graphics chip and get away with better visual effects. On the downside, the noisy PS3 fans got a hard workout, and since they didn't need to think about porting it to other platforms, due to their deal with Sony, they wouldn't need to compromise their implementation. UNCHARTED 2: Among T
  6. Let me rephrase the point about the frame-rate; it's somewhat of an achievement to let the simpler PS2 effects grind the rendering pipeline of a PS3 to a halt. It's also weird how some of the simpler scenes can go below 60 fps. You should have gotten 60 fps for free with such a simple game. The PS3 hardware is alien to most developers, so it's competency that matters. As a side note - one developer that seems to get a lot out of the hardware is Naughty Dog. FF X would not require the amount of processing power they managed to squeeze out of it. DusK, I criticize the implementation of the game
  7. Does that mean all or some of my statements are false? What are you trying to communicate here? Here's one reviewer who picked up on some of the frame-rate drops, if you are curious. http://www.psu.com/a022826/Final-Fantasy-XX-2-HD-Remaster-Review "On PS3, the framerate drops very briefly during strange moments, like some summoning animations." The laughing scene is an example where there are visible, ugly seams on Tidus.
  8. Not all remixed tracks make it to OCR. Here are some download links to remixed tracks encountered from around the world. Celestia8 was a remix project done some years ago. I managed to track down some tracks from Google Docs and YouTube, the latter which will branch out with more suggestions. Final Fantasy ^ Waaait for it, and check out the other tracks on the channel. Google Docs: Searching Friends - 3+28years Mix - version 2.4 - n.Pro Chrono Trigger Google Docs: Brilliant Highway side BLUE - Lix PM me if you can mirror all the tracks (total 25 tracks, MP3, ~150 MB).
  9. Changing the context and throwing away arguments is characteristic trolling behavior. The game was reviewed years ago, but, that has nothing to do with the problems I list, which none of you two address, but rather try to hide away by comparing me to a professional reviewer. It's as if you stopped reading after the first sentence, and play the "authority card." As a remastered game, it works, but it's not a good port when you get 10 fps on simple visual effects on the PS3 hardware. One might wonder what the quality control is like at Square Enix if they wanted this to slip by them. As others m
  10. Square Enix sure makes it easy for me to be negative about their products. I don't know what is wrong with reviewers these days. So, as a remaster, this product falls hard by not reaching 60 fps, easily noticeable when panning around in cities. Most visual effects fall below 10 fps or worse. There is no option to skip scenes! Some of the new music, while hit and miss, adds some fresh feel to the game. The textures are, for the most part, sharp and crisp. While not a huge fan of X or X-2, I did play through both games. As a "remastered" game, and not a game on its own, I give it a 4/10, mostly
  11. Go down memory lane with George "The Fat Man" Sanger and other trivia. "The Fat Man" George Sanger Answers Your Questions About Music and Games http://features.slashdot.org/story/14/03/02/2041246/the-fat-man-george-sanger-answers-your-questions-about-music-and-games OCReMix Profile http://ocremix.org/artist/68/george-alistair-sanger
  12. Is that gasoline I smell? (Flammable article. ) Summary: Dislikes music used on a purely functional level to back up whatever is happening in the game by means of cliché motifs we've adapted to recognize as "sad" or "suspensful" or etc. While I don't like bland music in games or TV series, not all music can have center stage all the time, which leaves room for a greater impact when you do get a melodic ditty for some event. There's too much bias involved in this article. Whatever fond memories you form early on will skew your perception on things later in life. Your awareness of this fact will
  13. XIII and XIII-2 forced me to conjure the phrase "empty polygons running around," but the games did spawn some cool tracks and Lightning Returns didn't disappoint in that regard. While I should have SMASHED the game discs to PIECES rather than help spread this garbage, one man's trash is another wo/man's treasure, and my opinion is my own. At least by practically giving away XIII and XIII-2, I was able to punish Square Enix for wasting my money. The game called Lightning Returns could not be saved.
  14. This mashup was released about four days ago. It's sweet! Visit the 2 Mello website 2 Mello did a mashup of Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43291
  15. This is clearly a user error! (No one else will say it bluntly. :]) The thread title got me really curious, especially since it's such a nice work! @Melbu Frahma: Please read my invisible post. You double clicked the archive from your download folder, then proceeded to queue the files you saw in WMP, which doesn't work reliably, because this method puts the files in a temporary area, the keyword being temporary. You have to actually unpack the zip archive to a specific location to prevent them from being removed by the system. Tutorial: How to Unzip and Open Zip Files. (One might argue that th
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