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wing commander title ROCK & ROLL!!

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Been bustin everyone's balls today so bust me right back!

This a straightforward rock mix of the Wing Commander title theme, a request from a friend. Mix name is "No Need For Heroes"

Got a new guitar recently, and thanks to a forum person's help I've been practicing vibrato properly, so it sounds better. Once I practice guitar maybe 6 more months I'll feel good enough to start submitting stuff to OCR.



Done on a 7 string Ibanez tuned in standard with 7 string droptuned to A.

Tyrant Tube Screamer plugin Poulin Lecto (rectifier) and Legion amp sims with Red Wirez cab sims.


played on yamaha digital set and ran through Steven Slate Drums.

Parallel Compression on drums bus, sent overheads to a bus with Tyrant Tube Screamer on it to liven it up and harmonics.

added 60 cycles to kick to get it to thud and some 8hz i believe for the attack, happy with the snare, added a SSLchannel compressor with high setting for the snap, 9hz boost for snap, 150 hz boost for power and cut 2dbs at 200hz out of the rhythm guitars for added snare power. (cutting other instruments that are masking works better than a boost sometimes by the way! sounds cleaner.)

mastering used Waves Center to put bass in middle, S1 imager to make the mix wide, lexicon verb at 10% mix to thicken up a bit, some pultec EQs and a linear phase EQ to boost low and high end and take out a bit of 300, ran through SSL bus compressor, pultec compressor, tracks clipper, tracks limiter, and finally to your ears.

mix reference track was Epiphany by Tesseract. very useful esp in mixing the drums.

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I'm a bit confused by the awkwardly wide kick, as I'm used to kicks being centered. It's kind of covering up the wide guitar chugs. Also, based on the mixing of the kick, the snare could match the punchiness with some transient shaping to bring it closer and give it some more glue, if you want to take this further. The reference track actually has a punchier snare based on what I'm hearing.

At 1:01, the clean guitar tone has quite a bit of low mids, so it sounded a bit imbalanced at that volume before the electric lead came in later.

Other than that, nice cover. Maybe developing the arrangement some more could add some additional nuance and acquire even more interest. :)

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Thank you Mr. T!

2nd mix


took the s1 imager off the master bus, fixed the wide kick.

good idea adding transient shaper to snare, i sent to a bus to mix it in and it sounds better. i also turned it up a bit based on my reference listening earlier today.

new mix has more balls as I added a lot of crunch and power to the rhythm guitars, turned down the bass guitar a little bit, balanced the overbearing bass in the kick drum and turned the snare up.

mix reference this time was this song by soilwork mostly, and a couple of periphery tracks. i used the plugin Magic A/B which was super wonderful, better than having a monitor controller and separate computer for sure. and yet after another 2 hours of mixing constantly comparing, his track still kicks my track's ass. really gives you respect for how good the pros are.

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my firefox bar says "wing commander tit" o ho ho ho
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