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  1. what a surprising take on this song, very interesting. It really works as a prog-metal song. It's odd that there aren't more prog rock fans in OCR considering how much influence prog has on video game music.
  2. Flawless playing & mixing, and an arrangement that makes me like one of the few FF6 songs I never liked. I salute you, who keep the OC Metal alive! The drums sound amazing in particular, if I'm reading the post right it's a real drummer on a real drumset, and you can tell. You don't get that "fake" drum sound you hear on so many bedroom producers' output.
  3. If you want to hear more of this type of stuff (I do a lot of piano and rock/metal stuff) feel free to subscribe to my youtue channel by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE0swoFG1-iBP7QRGbeHsgg?sub_confirmation=1 i already subbed to yours. thanks for the feedback! it's funny, most people just say "I like it." You have to talk to someone who makes music seriously to get real feedback. haha. yeah my best instrument is piano. it's a great instrument to learn composition and theory on because you can very easily change chords and see how the chords interplay with the melody. i agree, bass and guitar tone is a challenge for me, i get better every time i record, but it's surprisingly difficult to get a good sound! I blame the knobs! too many knobs and i want to turn them all! the lufia soundtrack is good all around if you like rpg music.
  4. nice. i saw them live here and one of the best shows i've ever seen. it's stupid that their music is so hard yet they can play it perfectly live. especially the drums. jesus.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuItul-D0PA used this as a pro melodic metal reference track to compare. you can hear how "uncompressed" or "free" the drums sound and how they are as loud as the guitars in the mix, the guitars "fit in" with the drums volume wise. compare that to yours and let me know what you think in reply to your previous post, i think you are doing alright. just be careful to be able to hear every instrument equally (or equal to its importance) in the mix. as guitarist we always want our guitar sound to be loud and ballsy but at the same time a track with weak sounding drums (and weak is just low volume relative to the rest of the mix) will usually decrease how ballsy the whole track sounds.
  6. the guitar playing is pretty solid, way better than mine lol. i would say going forward in your practice focus on the phrasing & getting emotion out of the parts and sounding as clean as possible, you are at the level where what you have left are tweaks. i'm on laptop speakers right now so... keep that in mind: the guitar tone is pretty good. i wonder if you would benefit from a bit of room reverb on the rhythm guitars. they sound a bit dry. obviously you have to be careful with that since it's metal riffing but a little might not hurt. it sounds like the guitars are on top of the drums...like the drums are a separate part of the track almost. i would try bringing the drums up a bit in level, adding some more low to the kick and a bit of brightness to the cymbals so they have their own sonic place, and this might help the most, use or tweak your master bus compression to glue the entire track together. maybe use a bit of the same reverb you use on the rhythm guitars on the drums to make them sound like they're in the same space. i also get the feeling like you MAY be rushing the guitar parts a bit over the drum track...but on a closer listen, i think your playing is pretty on time. i think the problem is you can't really hear the "attack" of the drums. you may have overcompressed the track or the drum bus because the drums do sound a bit squashed dynamics wise. either that or maybe the attacks on the drums aren't "clicky" or bright enough for me to really hear them. you can try adding a transient shaper to the kick and snare, or some 8k-9k on eq to bring out the snap/attack on the drums more. here is a good melodic metal reference track i used to check myself here. the track sounds good, and maybe it's just my laptop speakers screwing it up. but i do think guitar guys have this problem where they focus on the guitars so much that the drums (especially since they're programmed) and bass don't get as much attention mix-wise. on that note i didn't even notice the bass until i went to listen to it. normal for metal i know. but there are tricks. try sending your bass to a distortion or saturation effect on another channel, cutting all but the highs out of that and mix it into the regular signal to taste. that will give your bass some overtones so it shows up on laptop speakers. you can also try boosting let's say 70-100 because the guitar starts about 125 and the kick sits around 50-70 so you can give your bass some more bass that way without having it be over the guitars. i do like how bright and clear you mix is though also i would say the ending is ok, but a bit sudden. i think it's a good idea to add a climax at the end of the song (hopefully with some sort of cadential chord progression like a IV - I or V-I) so the song really sounds finished and not like it just stopped. that's a common problem with rock and metal writing in general as people don't typical study songwriting and chord progressions when going into that kind of music. perhaps you'd be kind enough to give my recent rock remix of a Lufia song a listen? https://ocremix.org/community/topic/47677-progressive-rock-lufia-medley-3-songs-deliverance/
  7. i keep fighting on the veldt but i can never seem to get your Piano ability. dammit!!! screw the playing, just listen to how on time all 4 parts are. that is MUCH HARDER than it seems and you are playing crazy technical stuff. this is tight. forget that, this is amazing. i aspire to be amazing, but you actually are. thanks for sharing and inspiring! you got a hard sub on this one buddy uematsu would be proud ps put out an album of this and it'd sell. Kiara Comparetto is doing one and it's not even her own arrangements. Love her to death don't get me wrong, just saying you have something marketable here
  8. as someone who repeatedly tries to get into EDM but can only stand Boards of Canada, I like this. I think the drum timbre is fine but the drums need to be louder so you really feel them. Maybe 1-2 db louder. either that or some eq. i want to feel the bass of the kick. i want the snare to punch me more and i want those hi hats to be brighter or more audible. i'm pretty sure it's just an overall volume issue but if that doesn't work or feels too "Loud" mix wise then try eq'ing some 50 into the kick, 200 into the snare and 10hz shelf into the hi hats. i'm sure if you listen to 808 state or something sort of old you will get that. (oh yeah I like 808 state. lol) maybe add some sort of climax songwise as it kind of just stops. i know EDM isn't huge on songwriting/arrangement and is more about repeating things, but always good form to have a climax thanks for sharing! Ps subbed to ya to support.
  9. Did you buy this thing or get it from somewhere? Looks like it. If you made the music box or mp3 yourself, then you are a boss. But cool sharing...I would kill to have one of these. It sounds amazing in real life. I would absolutely not add another instrument, that's not how music box songs work lol
  10. I saw mass effect then i saw post rock. Shepard sez "I'M GOING IN!!!" this is cool, the guitar timbre reminds me of Tears Run Rings guitar playing is very nice, which i was that good nice heavy part, wasn't expecting metal in my shoegaze drums sound nice, maybe a bit too simple, but this is post rock...some of the fills sound a bit weak velocity wise, like a real drummer would normally play louder on fills but your programming seems to have the fills be quieter in a lot of places. i think the fact that it's obviously programmed takes a bit out, in terms of velocity, when it repeats with exactly the same volume each time, it sucks a bit of the life out of it. I have a cheat code, normally i play with electronic drums via MIDI and quantize the shit out of it, if you don't mind tons of editing maybe invest in a $400 midi drumset; alternatively, try using humanization in your DAW, Studio One has a MIDI humanizer that can slightly vary the velocity and timing of MIDI events to sound more human and it's great applied in small doses. you can also try sending your drum bus to a saturation plugin or distortion and mix in just a smidge of that to make it sound dirtier and realer. the arrangement is really cool. i haven't played the game in a while but i assume the song is from the end part where my favorite character feckin dies because i suck at FPS the guitar tone is amazing and the mixing is very clear and everything sounds good, so good for you there! i would say this is a real band if i didn't know otherwise i think the problem with the piano is perhaps it's too dry, it sounds fine tone wise but it does sound a bit dry to me especially with such a sustain-filled song. i had to listen closely to hear it though based on the other guy's post, since it's a very quiet part of the arrangement it by no means ruins it. that's more of a tweak than a problem. I subbed ya to support ya
  11. Hi peeps This is a completed arrangement of 3 songs from Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, completely reharmonized and partwritten by hand over 6-7 months, to fit the theme of "Deliverance" from pain. Also a nod to the fact that these are "Door of Journey", "Departures" and,"To A New World". It is a sad but also hopeful tune. Yes, life is tough, but it can get better, and we can find small victories in the immense shadows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGUb_K-Uac4&feature=youtu.be If you like please subscribe to my youtube channel as I'll be posting more remixes, music theory analysis, maybe some break downs of video game songs theory wise, maybe some game reviews and such, and some original music. I am going to be submitting this to OCRemix later as I'm quite proud of the COMPOSITION. however, I'm not going to submit this version because I want to practice guitar and bass more and re record next year so I get a professional sound. I did my best, but I just want this to be jaw droppingly good with the playing. At that point I will also be re-engineering it too, but I think the mix is pretty decent, for me at least XD. The different changes in dynamics between instruments and parts forced me to learn automation, so that was good lol
  12. This here's an arrangement of, I think, "Four Mad Gods" from Lufia. Did it a couple years ago and remixed it this week.
  13. thanks for sharing. the parts need more velocity variation, especially the guitar part that sticks out at the beginning. it doesn't sound real without that. the cymbals i feel are a little too loud. i like the flute part/sample.
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