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Donkey Kong Country 1-3 - Kong Symphony

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Hey guys, thought I'd share this here. This is a medley for the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. Here's my references:

- I started with Cascade Capers (DKC 3).

- There is an Aquatic Ambience nugget with the strings when they come in (around 1:40ish).

- At around 2:00 is Stickerbrush Symphony (DKC 2).

- At around 4:00 is a melody from Voices of the Temple (DKC 1).

- At 4:56 is a melody from DK Island Swing (DKC 1).

- At 5:49 is Bayou Boogie (DKC 2).

- And the outro has a reference to Hot-Head Bop (DKC 2).

I have a more finalized version but will upload that somewhere else later probably. So here's the youtube version with my performance (which has an unfortunate video-sync problem with one track in the end). Hope you guys like it!

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Really fun to watch; great performances and arrangements (love the little dances in there too, lol). My favorite was Hot Head Bop (wish I could play as well as you, damn it)!

I'm going to listen to this while I cram for my final tomorrow. :D

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