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Hazama needs your help!!! --- mastering piano epic (Tetrinet)

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Hey guys,

I know I haven't submitted anything in like... more than a decade, but OCRemix has always been close to my heart.

Let me get right to it... last year I submitted a mix for consideration and I'm pretty sure it's coming up in the queue relatively soon. My problem is, when it comes to music, I'm artistic, not technical. I'm analog and I'm in need of some digital help in the form of mastering. As anyone who has ever heard any of my submissions will already know, they're riddled with hiss, poor recordings and low volume.

In my piano epic of Tetrinet's theme, I have layers of piano that don't quite mesh well together. I'm really looking for someone to help me master this and give it the treatment I feel it deserves.

Does anyone even remember Tetrinet anymore? For those who don't, here's the only real link I can find to the original:

I took some serious liberties with the song, but I wanted to be able to have a take on a song that people weren't too attached to, honestly. I want to get back into writing a bunch of remixes, and this is my test to see if anyone actually wants that besides me, hah! A big, big, big public apology to CotMM, who three years ago I bailed on a remix project with him that I would have loved to have seen to completion.

.... anyway, here's my version. --- please let me know what you think, and if you can help me out with my low end rumble/mastering problems I would absolutely love to hear from you!

I don't think my email address is current, so send me a private message, and thank you again... I love you all!

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Seems like it's partially due to the reverb and partially due to how often you used the pedal (plus the EQ of course). Sometimes the low notes are fine, sometimes they're bleeding together, so if it was only a reverb and EQ issue, it wouldn't be happening at all. This sounds really cool otherwise. (Here, it's rather soaked in reverb so it's hard to tell whether it's live or MIDI.)

I'd be happy to help; I mastered a solo piano piece recently (Silence of the Daylight remix).

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