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  1. Yeah... maybe. Thank you for your willing to help for sure! I totally appreciate that. I made some changes, added some stuff, attempted some mastery. Got rejected for length (which is fixed now) but part of me just wants to give up.

  2. I know man... thanks for pointing that out. -sigh-

  3. Hey Haz... no one has ever posted to your profile. :/

  4. Awesome! I would love your help. it was a bunch of live recorded piano elements that were layered and quantized in FL. So it's currently in a MIDI-able form. Just tell me what format and how you want it and I'll send it --- and THANK YOU! :D

  5. Hey, so I looked around and I didn't see any mention of covers not being allowed, so I figured I'd post this anyway... if it's against the rules, I apologize whole-heartedly and won't do it again. Anyway... a long time ago, I was gifted an a capella vocal track of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. Initially, I had an extremely down-tempo, sad strings version... and everyone who heard it said it was too much like all of my other stuff. So in 5 minutes, I decided to make it into a harder dance song instead... but in all actuality it was just as a joke... and thus the song isn't actually finished. That said... I actually like my version. It's weird to be sure. http://totalaccessdatarecovery.com/hazamusic/Hazama-ets_alternate.mp3 Enjoy the (NOT) Silence. -- Haz
  6. So from time to time, I dabble outside of the sad, depressing piano realm, and when I do... the results are sometimes fun. I did this one a few years back, and promptly named it "I miss videogames". It's been hosted on my old boss' dead company server for years now. Enjoy!? http://totalaccessdatarecovery.com/hazamusic/Hazama_I_miss_videogames.mp3 -- Haz
  7. Hey guys, I know I haven't submitted anything in like... more than a decade, but OCRemix has always been close to my heart. Let me get right to it... last year I submitted a mix for consideration and I'm pretty sure it's coming up in the queue relatively soon. My problem is, when it comes to music, I'm artistic, not technical. I'm analog and I'm in need of some digital help in the form of mastering. As anyone who has ever heard any of my submissions will already know, they're riddled with hiss, poor recordings and low volume. In my piano epic of Tetrinet's theme, I have layers of piano that don't quite mesh well together. I'm really looking for someone to help me master this and give it the treatment I feel it deserves. Does anyone even remember Tetrinet anymore? For those who don't, here's the only real link I can find to the original: http://youtu.be/p9u3z3dDoX0 I took some serious liberties with the song, but I wanted to be able to have a take on a song that people weren't too attached to, honestly. I want to get back into writing a bunch of remixes, and this is my test to see if anyone actually wants that besides me, hah! A big, big, big public apology to CotMM, who three years ago I bailed on a remix project with him that I would have loved to have seen to completion. .... anyway, here's my version. http://www.last.fm/music/Hazama/VGR/Tetrinet+Cover+-+The+Tetris+Network --- please let me know what you think, and if you can help me out with my low end rumble/mastering problems I would absolutely love to hear from you! I don't think my email address is current, so send me a private message, and thank you again... I love you all!
  8. Hah. Nahh... I have no hard feelings... I was the one who broke it off in the first place ---> it was just three or so years too late. I think 2003 would have been a better time to have had it end.
  9. and so her post's title was ok but mine wasn't? yeah, that's not fair... now I remember why I haven't been here since 2002. all i did was bring up the fact that i bought a ring for a person. What is delete worthy about that? =)
  10. OCR censorship, eh? Why did my post get deleted? That's a little unfair, don't you think?
  11. "although I did make the mistake of buying her a ring..."
  12. Protricity. Ok... did you know this song was never actually submitted? DJPretzel posted it on his own whim... and I think it's awesome that he did. I really don't care if you hate this song... but before you go bashing it, just take a step back and realize that it's people like you who've kept me from writing anything new in the last four years. Suikoden II was my swan song, and that's that. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. --- Haz