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Street Fighter II Guile Theme - Strings, flute, oboe + piano


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Guile Theme goes with everything. :D

So for me I totally like this short one.

I think a calm orchestral version also fits Guile as well as a pretty heavy beat.

I've thought about making a theme like Guiles with a smooth flute like in this Remix of Star Tropics - I guess it would totally make this theme. =))

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Hey this is pretty cool. I'd really like to see some arpeggiated piano come in around 0:52 to give it a bit more of a pace and is it climaxes toward the end. Some of the releases got a bit muddled and I think you could use some more time on the EQ balance to clear the space up a bit and get the levels to accentuate the parts better.

Surprised how well the arrangement works given the context of the piece.

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