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  1. Nice, if I had one critique it would be that some of your elements are quite loud, like the ride for example. Good choice of sounds I'd just like them to blend a little better. Keep it up!
  2. Really nice crunchy tone in this. I think the electric violin would make a nice addition. My main criticism would just be that the elements could be better mixed. It feels very low and low mid heavy to me and it really weighs down the rest of the mix. I'm a bit of a stickler for clean sounds and this isn't the type of music I listen too much so I'm sure you could find examples mixed in this way but to me with a piece that has such a heavy emphasis on melody you really want it to shine through. Overall though I think its a nice recreation, very well rounded in terms of arrangement and performance, good job.
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a really long time since I posted a remix here but I'm really into this project at the moment and would love some feedback, It's a remix of this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMPYCfZgkcA My main concerns are that the arrangement is too crowded and parts don't vary enough (eg the drum and the bass stay fairly static). I've yet to really polish the mix but I think there's some writing issues to be addressed before I do. People often tell me my structures are too repetitive, and while I think there's some leeway to be made for a dance song I'm quite conscious of that issue here. Here it is: Thanks for taking the time listen, any feedback is appreciated. Tom
  4. Hey everyone. I recently finished my remix of the casino music from one of the Skullgirls maps. I'd submit it officially but often times I'm told I don't vary my second drops enough for the site, and this time I really struggled with that since the original itself loops round and I was struggling to fit something else in. I looked at chords a bit but it just didn't feel right. Anyways I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. Thanks, Tom
  5. Thanks for the Fez feedback, will have a look at that when I can :)

  6. Hello everyone, I'd like to share this remix I did of this Civ 3 track: My remix: https://soundcloud.com/dinokidofficial/civ-3-stars-full/s-6kmdL I'm about done with this but before I move on I'd like to hear any critique you guys might have. The guitar part is a live recording the rest is samples. Thanks, Dino Kid
  7. Yeah I kind of have to agree with Neblix here. This feels more like it's been inspired by it than a remix of it. I can certainly pick out similarities in terms of pace and certain elements. It's funny too because I think your piece kinda works in terms of being like classic Sonic music, the big boasty melodies come out nicely and add a lot to the piece and obviously the sound design is about right, but I really didnt feel like I was listening to a remix of the original. Maybe just change a few chords here and there and go don the path of making an original track? What you've got here is pretty cool and there is no shame in stealing ideas from something you like.
  8. Sampled Civ 5 and put this together, hopefully some of you guys enjoy it Thanks for listening!
  9. Yeah I know its a fairly low bitrate but I'm usually pretty comfortable with the results so I guess I'll tweak it so more.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, thought it was pretty spot on. I've had a go at tackling you're issues as well as mastering although its come out really tinny in the high end on soundcloud I've put downloads on so you can take a better look. Thanks for listening
  11. Hello again, I know I might be a bit greedy posting two threads so frequently but this is one I definitely could use some help on this one, I was a bit sceptical the idea would work but for the most part i think its gone pretty well. However I'm not sure the intro is completely there and a t times the guitar sounds a bit off although I only noticed once i started mixing. Its at minus 6 so you might want to turn it up Thanks for the feedback, agree with it! Sadly my hard drive died last night and that had the project folder, i think I've got a backup, will take me some time to get back to it though Thanks for listening
  12. Hey this is pretty cool. I'd really like to see some arpeggiated piano come in around 0:52 to give it a bit more of a pace and is it climaxes toward the end. Some of the releases got a bit muddled and I think you could use some more time on the EQ balance to clear the space up a bit and get the levels to accentuate the parts better. Surprised how well the arrangement works given the context of the piece.
  13. Hello everyone, Back with another Sonic remix, doesn't deviate too far from the original piece but I think it adds enough to be notable. Had a lot of back and forth with the sound design but I think I've hit a good spot with it. The mix is pretty much done, just needs a bit of cleaning up I think. EDIT: Went ahead and did some mastering, actually pretty happy with it now but if anyone spots anything majorly wrong with it let me know. Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged, thanks for listening.
  14. Now added a new part for the second min section, as well as some piano and some percussion variation
  15. Aha, yeah I have noticed a couple of these issues. Usually I try to be lenient with things that I think are repetitive, charting it up to the fact I might have heard it one too many times but if you agree then I will set to work on some changes. Thanks fr the detailed feedback
  16. Thanks, see what you think now, I'm about ready to call it done
  17. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I was last on here but I've finally put together another VGM remix. This time I've had a go at remixing "Home" by Disasterpeace featured on the Fez OST. Here's how it sounds so far: https://soundcloud.com/dinokidofficial/home-dino-kid-remix I got great feedback last time so I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say this time. EDIT: I think it's about done, will leave it up here for a bit before I consider submitting it
  18. Yeah I had a look into doing something for the first boss fight but I could not find midi/sheet ANYWHERE, I'm not great at picking notes out of stuff so that was pretty much that haha.
  19. Wow thanks for the huge list of feedback timaeus, I appreciate the attention to detail! Looks like theres still plenty for me to do, but I think it's going to boost my production standard As for the weird sound effect at the end, thats the end of level sound in Rayman, I put it in there for fun but I'll probably take it out if and when I submit it. I'll get to work on it after a week so I can take a break from the melody, as wonderful as it is I'm a little sick of it
  20. I like the laid back atmosphere this has going, that lead at 22 seconds ish is very loud and piercing, it sounds a little too far to the left and definitely needs to be bought down as well as maybe cutting some of the more extreme high frequencies (anything from 10khz is a good place to start). I think your intro sounds fine, it sets the piece of to a fairly laid back start, which it sounds like what you had in mind. Sounds like you could maybe include some harsher leads towards the end of your main sections, but as I said before I really like the lounge kind of feel you've started out on. I'll be interested to hear where this goes!
  21. Alright nice one, thanks for the detailed response guys, always good to have some kick me into gear with my somewhat lazy attention to detail on mixing.
  22. I wouldn't say there is "no dynamic range" there's a little, especially with stuff the arp and the string pad in the main section, but yes its pretty flat. I don't really go for much expressiveness when I use chiptune synths, I like quite a harsh sounds but I can see what you mean, the EQing and relative mixing is fairly limited on this track and I think I'll have another go at the mix at a later date, maybe even submit it afterwards... As for the the low end on the snare thats just a habit I've picked up from starting out on DnB I guess haha, I still feel like I'm treading new waters with Hip Hop, one of the main things I struggle with is where to put the bass, there needs to be something around 200-300hz but it feels like it does better with a big subby presence below 150hz. Thanks for the advice and the kind words
  23. Ah sweet Flexstyle, I look forward to hearing what you thhink of it. Rayman is one of the first games I can remmber playing myself rather than just watching my parents play, I played it on so many different versions but 'm pretty sure I never beat it because the damn thing is so hard. Still, the sound effects and music in the game still stick with me (hence why they are sampled in the track.)
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