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Punch-Out! Theme Remix feat. Sir Jordanius (for Project M)

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Hey guys!

This is a remix of the theme of Punch-Out that I did for Project M, a fantastic mod for Super Smash Bros Brawl: projectmgame.com

It ends randomly as to smoothly loop for the game. I'm a bit too busy at the moment, but if I get enough requests, I'll fix it up to have a decent ending.

It also features Jordan "Sir Jordanius" Etienne doing some seriously sexy horns and guitar, like he did with "The Goddess Gets Groovy Tonight" track we did (which is also super rad).

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Found this because of the Project M All-Star Versus trailer. PLEASE do an ending for it. Seriously, I'd love to have this on my iPod, but I can't do it with that abrupt ending. T_T

When I've got some time, I definitely will. But I am really freaking busy right now so I don't really have time to fix it up. If anything, I'll just give it a smooth fade-out, but as of right now, this is what I can give.

Glad to know you like it. :)

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