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  1. Yikes, alright. Let me know what's goin' on, or is there an area where I can get updates on the service center situation?
  2. Hey guys. I'm back. Been busy and just now trying to resolve the issue again. Unfortunately, everything I've checked out and tried according to what you guys have linked has simply not worked at all. I keep getting the same error every time I restart Logic X before the project opens up where it says it's failed to open up the Super Audio Cart library. And then yeah, no library there. It's getting incredibly frustrating and I have absolutely no clue what's wrong. Is there a certain place I'm supposed to put the Super Audio Cart folder? It said only to open up the "part 1.rar" as the second one is installed automatically through part 1? Just wanna double check there's no issues there. But I just put the Super Audio Cart folder in my Documents because the installation document said I could put it wherever I please, which I did admittedly think was a little weird. I'm just so unbelievably lost as to why on earth nothing is working here. Lots of the solutions you guys linked unfortunately don't really relate to the situation I'm having here, especially the one regarding Shreddage II. Not the same situation here. I see no library xml file for Super Audio Cart in the Service Center folder except for Kontakt 5 App.xml. I deleted that and it told me that it'll ask me what to do when I reopen Kontakt in Logic and to click Activate. Well when I click Activate it tells me something isn't working and that's that... so like, Kontakt just seems to hate me or something. I'm so clueless. Does anyone else run Super Audio Cart on Logic X on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan? Also, this is Kontakt Player 5.5.2 and I use a Late 2013 Mac Pro. Just to clarify.
  3. Hi again. Having another issue with it and I emailed Impact Soundworks a few days ago but they aren't responding. Unfortunately whenever I boot up Logic again or go to another project and then come back to the project with SAC, or even allow my computer to sleep, Kontakt completely forgets the library and I have to reopen the folder and go through the library and do everything again. This obviously is simply not gonna work for me; only time it might be fine is if I bounce it as an audio file and just use the audio file (but of course, I can no longer manipulate the sound itself). Anyone else had this issue? I'm using Kontakt Player on Logic Pro 10.2.4 on a Mac Pro with Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.5.
  4. Ay sorry, mine's done. So sorry, I had it done some time back but didn't actually send it to you. I'm a genius lol I'll send you a message soon with the track.
  5. Ah yes! That's it. Thanks so much dude. It's a fantastic library (now that I can truly play with it! :P)
  6. Sup guys. So I downloaded SAC for Kontakt Player. This would be the first time I've actually used Kontakt Player. Problem is, Kontakt Player is not wanting to associate its MIDI system or whatever it is with my M-Audio Keystation 49es. It detects my digital piano but I don't wanna use that as it lacks a pitch and modulation wheel (I use that keyboard primarily for either songwriting and piano recordings, not so much synth stuff). The only solution I found requires the full Kontakt 5 as it's got an extra MIDI option in the options menu where I can set the MIDI channel or whatever. Am I missing something here? Does anyone have a clue how I would solve this? Yes I restarted Logic Pro X, that's not the issue lol
  7. Oh yeah. Easy. I'll write that down to remember. I can get it done by that time easy peasy
  8. What is the final deadline? Mine's borderline finished; I just need to make mixing tweaks and maybe a couple other little tweaks.
  9. Hey so, planning to get on this really soon and getting you a WIP asap, Darke. I have a question though. I know that OC Remix has some pretty strict guidelines on sampling but in this regard, how in trouble would I be if I used the very beginning of the intro song for Smash 64 as the beginning of this track? I have a neat idea but it entirely revolves around the idea of using a soundbite of the Smash 64 intro song.
  10. Slimy would be correct; Logic is--simply put--an advanced version of GarageBand. East West Symphonic Orchestra is DEFINITELY one you're gonna wanna look into; I don't own it but the library is amazing. However, I'd like to say that just because you have a good orchestral library doesn't mean your stuff is going to automatically sound amazing. It'll definitely start off sounding better than the crap GarageBand hands you but that stuff honestly is an art form in itself. You've just gotta learn how to manipulate your sounds as best you can to try and mimic the real deal (which, the real deal is always the better choice... if you have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of bucks to spare ) and this just takes some time and practice. But yeah anyway, I'd personally look into East West Symphonic Orchestra.
  11. Crud. Got behind. I'll try getting to the track as soon as I can.
  12. The apply page is broken. Could you fix this? I'd love to talk with you guys about this.
  13. I can't do Celtic but I absolutely love it. Maybe that's why no one has really paid attention to this...? Celtic is kind of an advanced art form hahaha
  14. Shoot. You still want me to try and get something to you by the end of this month? Can't guarantee it but I'm trying.
  15. I'm a piece of crap. I'll try and get something done here super soon. Lmao
  16. Of course Red Barrage is taken by Sir Jordanius. Yo Jordan, you down to maybe do some collab shiz and stuff? Also, if I don't do that, then I might take Red Hot Skull.
  17. Dang, man! You ok? I know you said nothing serious but you ok? I'm so sorry, dude. And yeah I gotchu, probably will try and have the whole thing done by the end of this year. That's my goal. If I had all the time in the world I'd probably be able to get it done in a week or two but unfortunately I don't have that luxury.
  18. Sorry man. Haven't had any time. Still definitely gonna finish it; I'm pushing to have it done but I now got tons of other paid work I have to get done and making time for remix projects just isn't as simple as it was last year or more so the year before.
  19. Yo. Haven't died, just haven't had any time to even get on here. I still care about this and will try as hard as I can to get something to you.
  20. Holy crap yes. I missed this last year and don't wanna miss it again. I really don't wanna put myself overboard as I already have another track for the 25th anniversary Sonic remix project and I'm behind on that cuz of busy-ness and I also expressed my interest in the SA1 project, but give me a Smash song and I am ready to take it to the next level. I'm part of the competitive Smash scene quite a bit and would love to do a remix for something 64 or Melee-related if you're interested. When you do, lemme know what the exact deadlines are because I can push to make this happen. Seriously interested in being a part of this this year.
  21. This would be awesome except I'm currently looking at two other Sonic album projects going on at the same time right now. I think we wait to do something like this for a little bit but I'm definitely interested as specific songs on the Saturn version I love more and specific songs on Genesis I love more. Sonic 3D Blast may not be the best Sonic game by any means, but it definitely has a fantastic OST, on both versions.
  22. Geez, how many Sonic projects do we need going on? They're nonstop; maybe the most popular series for remix albums at OCR. Or so it seems. I'm a SA1 fan; I know that it's overhyped and honestly not nearly as good as I used to think it was but I still absolutely love the game and most definitely the music. Nostalgic trip for sure. I'd be interested in doing something for the project, though as everyone may be aware I've been super busy and haven't had much time to think about the other Sonic remix I gotta get done for Black Doom's 25th anniversary project. Are you still not on a strict deadline, yet? Cuz whenever I have some serious free time (which does happen; just not extremely often anymore), I definitely could be working on something for this project.
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