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  1. Found this because of the Project M All-Star Versus trailer. PLEASE do an ending for it. Seriously, I'd love to have this on my iPod, but I can't do it with that abrupt ending. T_T
  2. *ducks into thread to see what's up* *continues seeing people using ad hominem to attack Anita and not her arguments* ...welp, Alright then. Guess there's nothing to see here. *ducks out of thread*
  3. I *really* hope that they don't put Pac-man in simply because if I'm getting a Namco rep, it had better be Lloyd Irving. Or at least SOME "Tales of" character.
  4. I certainly hope you are, because I, for one, am sick of posts like yours clogging up good discussion.
  5. Why would that be idiotic? Did you not pay attention to the end of the video? She plainly states that violence against women is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. Obviously, EA took liberties with Dante's original work, so they COULD have taken liberties to give the wife a back story, a personality, show her fighting back, done all sorts of things to give her agency. Instead, they brutalized her. They had a choice in what to change from the original Dante and they, by her estimation, chose wrong (as far as violence towards women is concerned). Seems like a perfectly fair example to me.
  6. Is... is that... you snuck Ice Cap Zone in there, didn't you? That's not bad. My only nitpick right now is that the first time the melody played, I almost thought it was on a string instrument (which, AFAIK, is not part of a Sousa march, but I could be wrong), so that might need altering to make it more brass-like, but... cool concept, and once you get the mastering done...
  7. Yeah, I've seen the original one. It's a pretty good arrangement... but I think OCRemixers can do better. I've heard some of the piano work on this site, and it's leagues above that particular arrangement. Besides, that genre is just a suggestion; I'm sure there's some DAMN good stuff people could do with the source in, for instance, a jazz ensemble or some overdriven guitar.
  8. So, we all know the MGS series has some amazing music. Even so, this song REALLY deserves a ReMix. It's a beautiful song, and it's moving in its own right, but with some of the talent on the site, I'd be surprised if it couldn't be made better. So, here's my request: Original Song: "Calling to the Night" Game: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Suggested Genre: Solo Piano and / or vocal Original Source: I really hope someone is willing to do a mix of this. It's so ready for it.
  9. Hey, OCremix. Long time lurker, first post. I wanted to let everyone know that I'm selling a special DSi to help pay for classes this semester, and I figured you'd be interested. It's a DSi I got signed at the Seattle Video Games Live concert last year. It was signed by Tommy Tallarico, Marin O'Donnel, Mike Salvatori, Wataru Hokoyama (Resi 5 composer) and Laura Intravia. I was going to just sell it here, but I need cash fast to pay for classes, and I need as much as I can get, so I had to put it up for auction, but I still wanted to let you all know. I thought someone here might be interested in it as a collectors item. Here's a link to the auction page. Hopefully it will find a good home. >_<