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1001 Spikes


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Weird trailer:

Anyone else finding themselves addicted to this game? Laughing hysterically at your own failures and swearing that you won't mess up on that spike trap again? Lost most of the 1001 lives you started with, and the extras you got along the way? Levels you hate to love or love to hate? ... You stuck?

This game is the best. True platforming, genius level design that doesn't make you too mad despite how unforgiving it is, awesome amount of levels to keep you trying hard, and a sweet chiptune soundtrack by Rushjet1.

Note: upon listening to this soundtrack, I realize that the current 3DS version doesn't include the music from the last four worlds... I'm almost certain this was done in error, so I tweeted them about it. Some different music may help your sanity in those last few worlds, and multiplayer is missing from the portable versions so get it on your computer or console... DAT SOUNDTRACK THO!

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