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Dubstair Red (WIP)


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At least two years ago I posted a work in progress on a Brinstair Red remix. Unfortunately, soon after posting my computer harddrive crashed and I lost all my work. I decided I wanted to try for a different direction with the remix and started over.


One day I'll be competent in dubstep production and I'll finally be able to finish this remix.

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At 0:09, there's some sort of abrasive fake guitar, and although it could be interesting, it's rather resonant and it hurts for the entire time it continues (FL Slayer?). :| Anyways, as this is, it doesn't sound too dubsteppish to me. I can't really classify it. I think the 808 snare gets a tad buried under everything else. This has potential for some cool harmonies though. Keep working on it! :)

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